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Play 60 turns of Civilization VI for FREE. Upgrade to tướng keep playing!

Develop a civilization from an early settlement, grow your empire, conquer the world, and improve your strategic thinking and decision-making skills. That is what this fantastic strategy game is all about.

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Civilization VI is an advanced empire building game for Android that simulates raising an empire from the beginning of time. Play as the leader of your empire and manage your resources to tướng build new structures, empower your army to tướng attack and defend, grow your territory, and make your citizens satisfied and happy.

Your choices and decisions have effects on the entire world ecosystem. You can choose whether to tướng conquer the world through military dominations or cultural influence.

If you are into empire-building apps and looking for an advanced strategy game to tướng improve your strategic thinking skills, you have come to tướng the right place.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI, often referred to tướng as Civ 6, Civ, or Civ VI, is finally available for mobile devices. Civilization VI is không lấy phí to tướng try on your Android device. Do whatever it takes to tướng turn your small territory into the biggest empire all around the world, all on the go. Try the tutorial, create your very first structure, and begin to tướng build your empire.

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Console-like graphics with amazing performance:
What makes this strategy game stand out from the competition is its high-quality graphics, along with its mesmerizing music, smooth animations, and high performance.

Develop strategic thinking and resource management skills:
In this thrilling strategy game, your decisions and tactics don’t just affect your own empire; they also change the world ecosystem. You can decide to tướng utilize your military forces to tướng conquer the world or follow a more civilized approach. As for resource management skills, be aware that your resources are limited! You need to tướng have a solid strategy to tướng use your resources in a way that leads to tướng a growing and thriving civilization.

Why don't you give this 4X strategy game a try?
Whether you’re a seasoned strategy gamer who used to tướng play Sid Meier's Civilization games on your PC or you’re a beginner who has just started playing strategy and simulation games, we've got you covered.

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Civilization VI, the engaging empire-building phầm mềm, delivers everything you should expect from strategy games and sets the bar even higher by offering console-quality graphics, easy to tướng learn gameplay with endless challenges and possibilities, a wide range of options and choices to tướng grow your territory, and much more.

Civilization VI main features at a glance:

Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface
High-quality graphics with smooth animations
Exciting strategy game to tướng build an empire and conquer the world
Empire building game suitable for amateurs and professional gamers
Create buildings and upgrade structures
Manage your resources and improve strategic thinking skills
Make wise choices and change the future of the planet
Download Civilization VI on your Android phone or tablet, and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests, or any other suggestions via [email protected]