Animaze by facerig is in critical support mode, all active sầu Holotech Studtiện ích ios development is on Animaze. For the lathử nghiệm features và capabilities, tải về Animaze.

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Real time facial animation

Anyone with a webcam can digitally emtoàn thân awesome characters. It is meant khổng lồ be an open creation platkhung so everybody toàn thân can make their own characters, backgrounds or props and import them into lớn

Fun and easy lớn use

Use for your online chats, record vlogs or transsize your tiệc nhỏ inkhổng lồ a fun, freestyle impersonation show.

* flavors Studio, targeted at businesses,it enables numeric mo-cap tracking, destined to be used with professional software.

Shop Now! flavors Pro, which is just like Home feature wise but can be used by people who make significant ad-based revenue off the place where they showcase their creations.

Shop on steam flavors (or Classic if you prefer), with webcam based tracking, fully featured for home non-commercial use.

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Shop on Steam!


Instant digital cosplay

Webchat on Skype or Google Hangouts as our cool characters, with their diverse expressions.


Real time voice processing

You can tune your voice to be more like that of the character using real time pre processing.


Stunning render quality

Using physics simulations, particle effects complex and real-time lighting, everything is high quality.


Very affordable

Real time character driving is available to you for the cost of just a fancy sandwich.


Customize your own

You can thiết kế và cốt truyện your own crazy or cool character. Our community is awesome!


We"re indie developers

Experienced game developers went indie, built this and made it available to you for indie prices.


Ever wanted to be a cat? A dog? A dragon? How about just someone else other than yourself? allows just that. Whether you are messing with strangers on Omegle or Chatroulette or having a good time with friends on Skype, works with just about everything.


“ is a piece of software that will use your webcam to traông xã your face (& facial movements) then transform it into something a little (or a lot) less human.”


“If you want lớn know how you’d look like speaking as a raccoon, this is how you’d vị it.”

BBC at Dublin Web Summit

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