Top PC trò chơi Cheating Programs & Hacking Software

For those looking khổng lồ haông chồng Windows PC games, here is a menu of the most useful game hacking & cheating tools, memory editors, macro software và other programs used to cheat in games.

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#1 Cheat EngineCreated in 2005, Cheat Engine has been the best, most in-depth, most well known and most beloved cheating software for PC gamers all over the world. Most people that get into PC game trainers and value editing, started out by downloading CheatEngine for không lấy phí và scanning for values, changing money and health values, finding thành tựu IDs… then learned more & more to lớn the point where they are able lớn create their own cheating software & trainers. Cheat Tables, the lightweight và much saver version of game trainers has become incredibly popular as well with tens of thousands of them out there & the .CT framework even being used khổng lồ create hacks for online games beside the traditional single player application of the software.

Without and doubt, CE deserves to lớn be the number 1 program on this menu for not only providing an incredible game hacking tool, but a great community and many great trainers as well. Get it here.



#2 AutoHotkeyWhile this piece of software is not directly used to edit values và hachồng games straight up, it is still one of the most popular and beloved không lấy phí cheating tools out there for online games on PC. AutoHotkey is a simple framework that allows players khổng lồ create scripts và macros lớn gain significant advantages in all kinds of online games. Use healing items if you reach exploits through perfectly timed user inputs? AutoHotkey is the way to bởi it.

A great community developing scripts for tech applications and games alượt thích, an awesome framework for recording & editing macros, rebinding any key to any other & a lot more. The only downside is that it is pretty hard to piông chồng up for beginners. Get it here. 



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#3 Macro Recorders / EditorsRecording your maouse and keyboard inputs and then play them back for ever sound like a useful tool in exploiting PC games? It sure is. No matter if you are playing cookie clicker and need lớn record a quick macro khổng lồ click 1000 times a second for you or if you are playing an RPG và want to auto farm some mobs that spawn in a static position, Macro Recorders have you covered. Simply hit record, perform your action, edit them in your macro editor và them play them baông chồng as many times as you need. This is not only good for clicking stuff for you, but even for setting up primitive sầu farming bots for online games with static interface.

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Another very nice tool if you are playing PC games that can be farmed very easily or if you are playing di động games on your PC using an emulator. The cheapest bot software for PC that you will ever find. Get it here.




#4 Artmoney This is the real deal: The Original OG game hacking tool for PC games. I remember people referring to this tool bachồng when we used dial up internet. According lớn my retìm kiếm Artmoney came into being a full 4 years before CheatEngine & 3 days before 9/11 (coincidence?!?) on Saturday the 8th of September 2001. So the glory & honor of creating the first professional cheating software for PC games does khổng lồ the Russian developers of this tools that wrote gaming history. – The only things that came before it were trainers và cheat codes. Artmoney started the glorious art of value editing và spawned other projects, namely Cheat Engine, which was heavily inspired by Artmoney và soon surpassed it in popularity.

While Artmoney features many of the seame features as the more popular Cheat Engine, it offers additional options for scanning for values in emulated devices, such as the Nintenbởi vì 64, Amiga, Sega Genesis, Original PlayStation, SNES và many more PC emulated consoles. It also offers Tables (trainers) functionality as well. Free and paid versions of Artmoney exist. Get it here.


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#5 HxD Hex EditorHex editors và chief aý muốn then, HxD, have been the first universal game save sầu editors, allowing PC gamers all over the world to get unlimited money in their games without having to lớn use any kind of trainer or memory editing. Hex Editors also allow for very advanced save sầu game hacking without the use of mods or specific save sầu game editors. While it can be argued that simply using a memory editor in-game khổng lồ change values directly is an easier và quicker way to go, save game editing has a much greater potential when it comes to more than simply changing a money value or getting unlimited health. Also hex editing save sầu files has the upside that values with anti-cheating rewrites can no longer escape being changed. Overall another great tool for advanced cheaters. Get it here.




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