Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

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First Narulớn 3D mở cửa World sản phẩm điện thoại MMORPG Revealed –

Naruto: Slugfest

Authentic MMORPG trò chơi is Produced with the Naruto IPhường. Committee for Spring 20đôi mươi Launch; Players Can Reignite Their Will of Fire by Pre-registering Starting Today!

March 4, 20đôi mươi – When the tree leaves dance, one shall find flames… Mars Games, a new thiết bị di động game company with a global publishing pedigree, today announced it will be publishing Naruto: Slugfest, the first-ever 3D MMORPG Narulớn Mobile game, as the title’s exclusive sầu publisher in North America, South America, và Europe. Scheduled khổng lồ launch this spring for Android và iOS, the authentic game is produced under the supervision of the IP holders, offering Naruto lớn fans the perfect way khổng lồ adventure with their favorite ramen eater as he protects his Nin-Ja Way.

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The lessons và memories of Narulớn have carried fans through their Genin years & into their Jonin adventures. For true fans, the Will of Fire will never fade—and they can show their support by pre-registering today lớn clayên an in-game award at game launch:

Naruto: Slugfest Pre-registration Link:

Players can also pre-register directly through the App Store or Google Play. If they bởi so, they’ll get a notification or tải về automatically. However, khổng lồ get a gift paông xã, we suggest they also register their gmail address here.

Welcome bachồng to lớn Hidden Leaf: A Rich xuất hiện World to Explore

Naruto: Slugfest lets players step into lớn Naruto’s anime world, brought to life in a rich 3 chiều open world rendering that encourages players to lớn explore in every nook và cranny as well as experiencing animated in-game cutscenes with the original voice actors. As Narukhổng lồ returns home to the Hidden Leaf Village after training with Jiraiya, he is ready for action, allowing players lớn immerse themselves in the journey of Narulớn fighting alongside his friends as they travel through the Shippuden Arcs. The story can be enjoyed with others using the game’s Running Commentary function to leave sầu comments và reactions for other players.

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Master Powerful Ninjutsu with Four Unique Character Classes


In Naruto: Slugfest, players can choose ahy vọng four unique character classes lớn play throughout their journey as a Hidden Leaf Shinobi. These include the hardy, broadsword-wielding Earth Keeper, the medical pyromancer, Blazing Lotus, the high mobility và surprise attacking Thunder Assassin, and the agile ranged attacker, Wind Shooter. No matter the class, players will seek khổng lồ master their ninjutsu abilities by defeating enemies và completing story, team, & side missions for Hidden Leaf Village. For each character class, players can choose and level various ninjutsu abilities through their respective sầu ninjutsu skill trees & can equip gear for their characters to lớn tăng cấp. Throughout story gameplay progression, daily check-ins, and the game’s Partner và Recruitment System, players can collect their favorite Naruto lớn series characters as powerful allies & encác mục their skills to assist players in turning the tides in their favor. Full screen techniques, dynamic combat mechanics, & the intense, button-smashing Slugfest battles will get the blood of any Nin-Ja pumping!

Dynamic & Detailed Ecosystem

Shinobi should always be aware of their surroundings. Through advanced cartoon rendering in an anime style, Naruto’s world comes to lớn life masterfully including changes such as the warmth of day và darkness of night with dynamic lighting, shadow effects, and color saturation. Shinobi need lớn be prepared for anything & carry out their ninja way in any weather. But be wary, legover tells of massive beasts behind the changes in the weather!

Play in Naruto’s Interactive sầu World


With like-minded allies, players can tackle the Story Mission following the Naruto Shippuden storyline, Team Missions, Chunin Missions, Nin-Ja Scrolls, Tower Missions, & even massive sầu guild wars. These trying times & sacrifices build svào bonds that will carry players throughout their Shinobi adventures.

Produced under the supervision of the IPhường committee, Naruto: Slugfest is published by Mars Games as a free tải về with optional in-game purchases. For more information, và lớn be alerted when the game launches, please visit the game’s official Facebook page at

About Mars GamesMars Games is a new mobile game company with the pedigree and experience of publishing titles globally. The company seeks to bring the best new games khổng lồ a diverse global community. The inaugural title from Mars Games, Naruto: Slugfest, is scheduled to release on Android & iOS in spring 20trăng tròn. For more information on Naruto: Slugfest, please visit

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