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One Piece: Thousvà Storm, the game based on immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece by mangaka Eiichiro Odomain authority, features an interesting multi-player mode. Advertiser Bandẻo Namteo had recently confirmed pre-registration for the game has gone live sầu. One Piece: Thous& Storm will be available for iOS as well as Android.

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Japanese arcade, mobile, và trang chính video clip game publisher, Bandẻo Namco, had confirmed that One Piece: Thousvà Storm, a role-playing game based on immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece, will be launched in western countries. The publisher added that the game will make its stateside appearance in winter. As there"s not much time, fans of One Piece will have to rush over khổng lồ the official trang web of the game to lớn pre-register. Interestingly, the publisher promised quite a few bonuses for signing up early.

One Piece: Thous& Storm has already been released in nhật bản. The game reportedly offers an immersive 3D gaming experience. It is apparently quite different in game-play from other games that are based on the One Piece anime. With One Piece: Thousvà Storm publishers are once again experimenting with the tried and tested RPG (Role Playing Game) approach.


The game, already working on iOS & Android, allows up khổng lồ three players lớn participate in a single gaming session. All three players can play simultaneously. The game offers a highly developed multiplayer engine because One Piece manga involves a lot of characters. As expected, the game starts off with the manga"s most popular characters, Luffy D. Monkey, Nami, Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp. Players can choose any of these characters. However, as they make progress, other members of the Straw Hats pirates will be introduced, và players will be allowed lớn play as these characters.

The multiplayer platform in One Piece: Thousand Storm is available nationwide. In other words, players can invite or join other games that aren"t being played locally. Incidentally, the multiplayer battle system is limited lớn three players. Besides the multiplayer mode, players can play solo in the "Single Mode" system as well.

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The multiplayer system features a virtual "Lobby Area," where players can communicate. Players can use the area lớn plan their battles & strategies. The area might also include a strategy guide. If the players vì not wish to lớn pause their game, a live sầu chat feature, called "Sticker Chat" is also available for communication during battles in the game.

Besides the virtual lobby, One Piece: Thousvà Storm for iOS và Android also offers the "Scene Card" feature. The feature offers dual benefits. Players can access the feature khổng lồ view popular scenes from the "One Piece" anime. However, the feature also allows players khổng lồ brush up on the different abilities of the characters they are playing and learn a new skill. Various battle skills are expected khổng lồ be appended lớn the Scene Cards.

The battle skills are quite important because they vary as per the character that the player picks in One Piece: Thous& Storm. Interestingly, the game will allow players khổng lồ use anticipated "Gear Fourth" transformation of Luffy. Other power skills such as Sabo & Ace"s "Hiken Fire Fist" are also available. As the game progresses, Law"s "Gamma Knife" attaông chồng and Doflamigo"s "Birdcage" move will also be available for players to use in their battles. The creators of One Piece: Thous& Storm have promised many more such "finishing" moves.


Fortunately, the complex moves won"t be difficult to lớn pull off as the creators have sầu promised a simplified control system. Players can control their chosen One Piece character in One Piece: Thousvà Storm single-handedly. From avoiding an attaông chồng lớn protecting the character, players can exexinh đẹp the movements with a single fliông chồng on the screen. Even complicated & multi-step "combo" attacks can be reportedly executed with singular commands.

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One Piece manga is one of the longest running Japanese series và has inspired several games besides the anime of the same name. Bandẻo Namteo winter release of One Piece: Thous& Storm in winter, recently caused fans in Japan khổng lồ rush to lớn the trang web to tải về và were reportedly greeted with random stalls and crashes, which were fixed.

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