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Role-playing games, or RPGs, have come a long way since their humble tabletop beginnings. After making the leap to lớn the PC và console, they"ve now found a home page your phone or tablet. The best of the di động lot lets players live out fantasy epics, transport them inkhổng lồ far future space operas, or tell intimate, character-driven narratives. From old-school dungeon crawling classics to lớn modern action RPGs and quirky little indies, check out two dozen of the best Smartphone RPGs for your Android or iOS device.

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And if this whets your appetite for more games, kiểm tra out our collection of the top games for iOS as well as our favorite Android games.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition (Android, iOS: Free)

(Image credit: Square Enix)

The lachạy thử Final Fantasy epic makes a smooth jump from console RPG to touch screen devices in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition (Android, iOS). This episodic điện thoại RPG captures the core story and charm while cutting down on the grind comtháng lớn the genre. You’ll appreciate the “chibi”-style graphics, which capture many of the same story beats & combat complexities of Prince Noctis"s quest to bring peace lớn the warring lands of Lucis and Niflheyên ổn. You can tải về the first episode for không lấy phí, with subsequent chapters available as in-ứng dụng purchases.

Monster Hunter Stories (Android, iOS: $19.99)

(Image credit: Capcom)

The Monster Hunter series is a famously hardcore JRPG franchise, but Monster Hunter Stories (Android, iOS) is a pretty accessible entry inkhổng lồ the series. A Mobile port of the 3DS original, Stories shakes things up a bit by having you come from a village of Riders — people who can bond with the titanic monsters of the Monster Hunter universe. You’ll head out into the world looking for quái nhân eggs to hatch & befrikết thúc, while taking on enemies in turn-based battles where you take advantage of your beast’s strengths and exploit your enemies’ weaknesses. The game loses out on some of the 3DS features such as Amiibo tư vấn, but it’s a big, meaty sản phẩm điện thoại RPG that should provide hours of gameplay on your phone.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar (Android, iOS: $9.99)

(Image credit: HandyGames)

A delightfully retro turn-based RPG inspired by console greats, Battle Chasers: Nightwar (Android, iOS) takes place in the world of Joe Madureira’s dungeonpunk comics, as heroes Gully, Bastion & the war golem Calibretkhổng lồ crash-land on an isl& torn apart by a gold rush for magical energy. Nightwar’s great draw is its rich combat system, with each các buổi tiệc nhỏ member managing their special powers and attacks, while also generating Overcharge to power up their specials, & a party-wide Burst meter for game-changing supers. Each of the game’s six unlockable heroes brings their own abilities inkhổng lồ the set, so you’ll need to balance your three-character tiệc ngọt comp to make the most out of your dungeon crawling.

(Image credit: ConcernedApe LLC)

For something less intense than epic quests or titanic trùm cuối hunts, check out Stardew Valley, the hit indie farming RPG which has finally made the jump from PC to iOS. Players inherit a rundown farm; with grit & hard work, can turn that family inheritance inlớn the farm of their dreams. You plant crops, bring in the harvest, và reinvest your profits inlớn expanding the farm and bringing in livestoông chồng. The game is more than just farming, with a neighboring community to visit and befriend, fishing spots to lớn enjoy, and caves full of monsters and resources to lớn explore.

Reigns: Game of Thrones (Android, iOS: $3.99)

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

Reigns has proven to lớn be a popular swiping-based RPG on touchscreen devices, & now it’s taking on the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros in Reigns: trò chơi of Thrones (Android, iOS). Through the fiery visions of the priestess Melisandre, you"ll explore a tangle of alternate scenartiện ích ios in Westeros, imagining how things might go down if characters lượt thích Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Cersei Lannister, or others had claimed và held the Iron Throne. As in previous Reigns games, you"ll need lớn balance between the needs of the nobles, the priests, the people, and the Night"s Watch, swiping left or right to choose your path. Each character you choose faces their own quality challenges, & as you play, you"ll get the opportunity to lớn unlochồng new leaders & scenartiện ích ios to experience.

Shin Megamày Tensei Liberation Dx2 (Android, iOS: Free)

(Image credit: SEGA)

Join the Devil Downloaders in their secret war against the Acolytes in Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 (Android, iOS), the lakiểm tra điện thoại entry of the acclaimed JRPG franchise. As a Devil Downloader, you’ll explore a fantasy Tokyo where you can sumtháng demons lớn foil the Acolytes’ many plots. To vì chưng so, you"ll need to lớn use each demon’s chất lượng traits and abilities to gain an edge in battle. Through cunning & diplomacy, you can also turn enemy demons lớn your side, as well as fuse demons together lớn create ever mightier champions out of myth và legend to join your side. The game is không tính phí to play, so you’ve sầu got stamimãng cầu limiting your games, as well as a variety of currencies & a gatcha-like summoning mechanic lớn the demon collection minigame.

Langrisser Mobile (Android, iOS: Free)

(Image credit: Zlong Games)

The RPG series Langrisser makes the leap khổng lồ Smartphone, with deep turn-based battle gameplay designed lớn challenge new players and veterans alượt thích. In Langrisser Mobile (Android, iOS), you’ll need khổng lồ balance each unit’s abilities against the strengths and weaknesses of your enemy, while also managing your heroes as you fight your way through the main campaign, sidequests và PVPhường battles. You don’t even need to lớn know anything about the earlier games, as a Time Rift feature lets you experience classic battles and story highlights of the previous games, netting you some nice loot as well as catching you up on the backstory. There are going lớn be some free-to-play và gatcha summoning mechanics, which might turn off purists, but Langrisser is a nice miễn phí tactical RPG experience on Smartphone.

(Image credit: Shiro Games)

Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder (Android, iOS) takes you down a trip through gaming history & evolution. Under your guidance, time-travelling heroes Kuro và Fimãng cầu journey through the various genres và eras of video clip gaming history as they try to save sầu the world. Melding a variety of genres & eras from top-down Zelda-likes to lớn sidescrolling platformers, bullet hell shooters, and even rhythm battles and trading thẻ games, Evoland 2 offers players both impressive sầu variety and nostalgia. Even better, this version turns out khổng lồ be a lengthier game than its rather short original.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (Android, iOS: $17.99)

(Image credit: Square Enix)

A legendary title from the golden age of PS1 classic RPGs, Valkyrie Protệp tin comes to the điện thoại age with Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (Android, iOS). As one of Odin’s Valkyries, you must wander the world searching for the souls of the mighty, the broken và the lost khổng lồ see who aý muốn them is worthy to join the Einherjar — warriors who will serve in the wars of the gods. Combining combo-based combat, exploration & light platforming, và an intricate plot, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth stands up well even lớn more modern games & is worth its premium price.

Into lớn The Dark: Narakan (iOS: $2.99)

(Image credit: Orc Punk)

Into lớn The Dark: Narakan (iOS) combines tile-based combat & exploration with sparse but evocative storytelling as players plunge inkhổng lồ a beast-haunted forest in tìm kiếm of a child. Starting with an amnesiac protagonist, as you progress, you will stumble upon icons that can slowly unloông chồng your character’s memories, each fragment telling a small part of your story và your connection to lớn the child. You’ll also unloông chồng a weapon from your past or a source of power from the woods. Each weapon and spell comes with its own chất lượng attack pattern, giving the game’s turn-based combat a puzzle-like feel as you maneuver to lớn bring your arms to bear against the inhabitants of the woods. The game comes with a story mode, as well as an Endless mode for players who want more of Into lớn The Dark’s puzzle combat mechanics.

Severed (iOS: $6.99)

(Image credit: Drinkbox Studios)

Sasha is having a very bad day, emerging in a nightmarish underworld to find her family missing, her left arm a bloody stump, and a mysterious stranger offering her a strange, living sword. Featured among muốn Apple"s Best of năm nhâm thìn apps, Severed has players guiding Sasha through her quest khổng lồ rescue her family, exploring the netherworld và engaging in swipe-based combat as you cut past the monsters in your way và harvest their limbs to lớn grant you supernatural powers. Swipes are both attaông chồng and defense, parrying enemy attacks and leaving them open lớn your own strikes. The game spices things up by throwing multiple enemies at you from different directions, making threat management & smart use of special abilities key to lớn surviving and rescuing your family.

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Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind (iOS: $9.99)

(Image credit: Kitfox Games)

A spiritual successor khổng lồ the clan management RPG King of Dragon Pass, Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind fuses strategy & RPG gaming together. You lead your fledgling clan council và decide the fate of your people as you balance the physical and spiritual needs of your clan và relations with your many neighbors. Along the way, you"ll face magical & monstrous threats, as well as a looming war between the gods of Glorantha. As with the original King of Dragon Pass, the real gems in this game are the more than 400 interactive sầu scenes that present you with moral, diplomatic, military and religious dilemmas. Your choices and outcomes are impacted by your clan"s history, traits, and the skills of the leaders in your clan council.

(Image credit: Playdigious)

Part card-game, part RPG, Cultist Simulator (Android, iOS) is a game that puts you in the role of a cult leader seeking power, wisdom, or an impossible transformation. The game begins with a bare-bones tutorial before quickly handing off control to the players. You’re presented with a spread of cards representing your cult’s wealth, followers, occult knowledge and your mortal & immortal foes. You also have sầu a series of actions that you can use to combine cards to lớn achieve tasks as simple as going to lớn an occult bookstore khổng lồ as esoteric as summoning rituals and expeditions lớn mysterious ruins and unreal dreamscapes. Filled with tantalizing & evocative prose & designed lượt thích an intricate puzzlebox, Cultist Simulator is a chất lượng experience that’s best entered inkhổng lồ with as little knowledge as possible as you explore the bounds of the mysterious Mansus.

Warhammer Quest 2 (iOS: $4.99)

(Image credit: Perchang)

Fight bachồng against the rising tide of Chaos in Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times, a tactical dungeon crawler set in the Old World of the Warhammer Fantasy games. Players take command of heroes from the various races of the Warhammer world, plundering dungeons & defeating enemies in a quest for a mystic artifact. The base game comes with a 10-mission chiến dịch and side quests, with additional missions và characters available through in-ứng dụng purchases.

Darkest Dungeon (iPad: $4.99)

(Image credit: Red Hook Studios)

Steel your body và soul và vì battle against the blasphemous horrors of the Darkest Dungeon, Red Hook Studio’s brutally atmospheric rogue-lượt thích dungeon crawler. As inheritor of a cursed estate, it’s up to you to lớn gather a stable of heroes ready to lớn raid its depths và rid the ruins of the many monsters và terrors that your ancestor unleashed. The dungeons và their denizens are brutal và merciless, & you’ll have khổng lồ manage not just your heroes’ bodies but also their bao tay levels và mental stability. The game features a wealth of anh hùng classes khổng lồ try out, and while the dungeon crawl can get grindy, its atmospherics are pitch-perfect in replicating a gothic horror feel.

Cat Quest (Android, iOS: $4.99)

(Image credit: The Gentlebros)

For something less gryên ổn and more whimsical, check out Cat Quest (Android, iOS), a tongue-in-cheek action RPG by the Gentlebros. Go on a quest lớn rescue your catnapped sister from the hands of the evil Drakoth & his Long minions. At the same time, you"ll explore the world, doing good deeds for your fellow cats while fighting monsters. The real-time combat system is all about timing và positioning, as you tap on vulnerable foes to strike, long press to lớn bring up your magic spells, & dance away as enemies charge up their attaông chồng, making for digestible but dynamic gameplay. There"s a fair amount of open world area khổng lồ explore, while still providing fun that can be enjoyed in short bursts or long sittings. Fair warning: there are puns. So many mèo puns.

Galaxy of Pen và Paper (Android, iOS: $4.99)

(Image credit: Behold Studios)

Trade your broadswords for blasters in Galaxy of Pen & Paper (Android, iOS), the lathử nghiệm RPG parody game from Behold Studgame ios. Galaxy retains the px retro art style of Knights of Pen và Paper as well as that game"s delightful sense of humor. This time around, the phầm mềm takes alặng at science fiction games, books & movies in a loving parody of SF tabletop gaming. Galaxy adds a ton of new gameplay elements to lớn the old turn-based battle standby of the Pen và Paper series, including space battles, branching stories và planetary exploration.

Star Traders: Frontiers (Android, iOS: $6.99)

(Image credit: Trese Brothers)

The Trese Brothers return lớn space with Star Traders: Frontiers (Android, iOS), a persistent world sandbox RPG that puts you in commvà of your own starship in a dangerous star sector. As inheritor of a Star Trader charter, it’s up khổng lồ you khổng lồ decide what you’ll bởi vì with your ancestral vessel. Will you go after dangerous bounties, explore alien worlds, haul valuable cargo, or dabble in the politics of the sector’s rival factions? Configure your ship, hire the right crew, and take khổng lồ the stars!

Rogue Wizards (iOS: Free)

(Image credit: Spellbind Studios)

Overthrow a tyrannical magical order in Rogue Wizards, a cartoony turn-based dungeon crawler that has you exploring monster-filled depths and coming out with loads of loot and gear for your merry b& of magical rebels. The game combines the addictive sầu game loop of dungeon delve và gear upgrading with a touchscreen friendly turn-based combat system that doesn"t sacrifice tactical depth. In between dungeon crawls, you can kit out your wizard"s tower and nâng cấp your town or recruit new members for your team. Players get the entire game miễn phí, with in-app purchases or đoạn phim ads allowing you lớn buy gems (which you can also earn via play); a single "2x Gem Booster" purchase gives players the same drop rate & game balance as the premium PC version.

Planescape: Torment (Android, iOS: $9.99)

(Image credit: Beamdog)

Planescape: Torment (Android, iOS) is a modern computer RPG classic, taking Dungeons & Dragons away from the Tolkeinesque medieval fantasy and inlớn altogether stranger territories. Players explore the extra-dimensional melting pot that is Sigil, the City of Doors, as they quest to unlock their nameless character"s lost memories và answer the question: "What can change the nature of a man?" Along the way, you"ll assemble a motley crew of companions, such as the talking skull Morte, the chaste succubus Fall-From-Grace & other strange entities. The enhanced edition leaves the critically acclaimed story và dialogue untouched, while adapting the interface lớn a more mobile-friendly mode, as well as applying a variety of bug fixes.

Shieldwall Chronicles (Android: $5.99; iOS: $9.99)

(Image credit: Wave Light Games)

Wave sầu Light Games continues to lớn release tough tactical RPGs with the arrival of Shieldwall Chronicles (Android, iOS), a return khổng lồ fantasy khung after Strike Team Hydra. Players will build their own mercenary b& of six heroes, before heading out on adventures in the perilous North, engaging in desperate battles against undead, lizardfolk, demons và other foes. You"ll need lớn make the most out of each of your heroes" abilities as you use superior positioning và tactics khổng lồ break your enemy"s will và send them fleeing from the field. Multiple difficulty modes, a wealth of loot lớn collect và a range of unique heroes khổng lồ recruit give sầu Shieldwall Chronicles a lot of replayability for mobile gamers looking for a combat-focused RPG.

Titan Quest (Android, iOS: $7.99)

(Image credit: DotEmu)

DotEmu brings an action RPG classic to lớn the điện thoại age with its port of Titung Quest (Android, iOS) to modern Smartphone devices. Titung Quest takes the formula pioneered by Diablo và ports it over to the ancient world as you fight your way through monsters out of Greek, Egyptian and Asian mythology. A premium desktop game with controls reworked for Smartphone, Titung Quest avoids miserly monetization strategies in exchange for a 60-plus hour chiến dịch without in-ứng dụng powerup purchases.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (iOS: $9.99)

(Image credit: Lucasfilm)

Return to lớn a galaxy far, far away in the di động port of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Android, iOS). Set 4,000 years before the events of the Star Wars movies, Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) puts players in the middle of a galaxy-spanning war between the Jedi và Sith. The game features an intricate storyline and branching dialogue, allowing players to choose between the Light and Dark paths in their battle against the vicious Darth Malak.

The World Ends With You (Android, iOS: $17.99)

(Image credit: Square Enix)

The World Ends With You: Solo Remix (Android, iOS) is Square Enix"s thiết bị di động port of its critically acclaimed Nintenbởi DS title. A stylish và surprisingly dark Japanese RPG, TWEWY:SR puts you in control of Neku, a boy trapped in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo và compelled lớn fight for his life in the Reaper"s trò chơi. Featuring frenetic touchscreen combat, an awesome soundtrachồng and a chất lượng visual style, The World Ends With You Solo Reset is a first-rate gaming experience, with a correspondingly hefty price.

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