Popular Gay Spas And Saunas In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Gay Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị is a high-octane experience, an intoxicating collision of commerce, culture, food & vitality with a small but vibrant gay scene & plenty of Pride.

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While gay communities in Hanoi & Ho chi Minh city (aka Saigon) are not as visible as those in thái lan (Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya) or nearby Queen of Gay Asia, Taipei – everyone is quick to remind you that being gay, or same-sex marriage, has never been against the law here. There is a laissez-faire attitude to lớn the LGBT community, and gay travelers here are extremely unlikely to lớn experience any issues or discrimination.

In fact, the current community tiệc ngọt line conveyed in newspapers now is homosexuality is natural và that to be ‘against’ gays is backwards and superstitious – about time, we say!. While there is still a long way to go, public opinion is quickly changing in this atheist / authoritarian state, và it’s fair to say no one saw this move coming a decade ago.


Only a handful of establishments in Gay Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị are really “gay places”, as in reality gays here to gather in “mixed” hang-outs with there personal friends. That is not to lớn say there is nothing gay here for travelers, và Ho bỏ ra has a growing drag scene, monthly LGBT parties, one of the best gay sauna in Asia and plenty of male mas sa parlors.

If these aren’t for you, you can still rest assured knowing Gay Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị is exceptionally tolerant of LGBT visitors – & has plenty of fabulous luxury resorts, al fresco drip coffee shop, incredible food, craft cocktail bars và hidden corners khổng lồ explore!


In this article we will cover...

Gay Ho chi Minh city Guide: The Essential Guide khổng lồ LGBT Travel In Ho đưa ra Minh đô thị Vietnam
Things To vì in Gay Ho chi Minh City

Obviously being gay does not define which attractions most of us will want to see in each city and most queer travelers will simply want to check out thetop things khổng lồ see in Ho đưa ra Minh đô thị during the day! There is so much to do here – but we found our favorite memories were wandering lost on animated side streets, sipping deliciouscà phê đá in trendy cafes & stuffing ourselves with as much incredible street food as we could!

One of the best tips we can give you for exploring Gay Ho chi Minh đô thị is to lớn pre-order a travel SIM card for easy airport pickup & activation the moment you arrive so you will not pay a fortune in international roaming charges. Get restaurants recommendation and reservations on the fly, public transport instructions up khổng lồ the minute, bar opening hours & if it is your thing – access to gay hook up apps to find out more about the local scene.

Mobile data is fast, cheap and available almost everywhere in Asia so it is no wonder most travelers chose to lớn stay connected and to get off the beaten track (without ever worrying about getting lost). So why wait? Pre-order the best local SIM card now to have it waiting for you in Vietnam when you arrive.


In Southeast Asia, there is often a digital gap between local suppliers & world travelers and getting around can seem difficult. Luckily, we found Bookaway which enables travelers lớn find, compare & book ground transportation tickets online with outstanding user experience and a 24/7 support team that works closely with local suppliers. If you want to simplify the travel planning process & make travel ticket booking easier – check them out before you travel.

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Still – it helps lớn have some idea what is going on, so here are the most popular attractions in Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố according khổng lồ us!



As Ho chi Minh thành phố is one of the most progressive & gay-friendly cities in Asia, most quality hotels in Ho bỏ ra Minh city can be considered gay-friendly, and none of our readers will likely experience issues – after all being gay-friendly is not all about upscale luxury, but about providing friendly service và welcoming everyone with xuất hiện arms! Having said that, everyone likes khổng lồ be surrounded by people with common interests, & as such there are a few well-known gay-friendly hotels in Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố that are hot spots for gay travelers khổng lồ stay – either because of their location or their design và inclusive vibes.The following hotels inGay Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị have all had a glowing recommendation from gay travelers in the past, but of course, there arehundreds of other hotels in Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố if these are not quite what you are looking for. Whether you want a fun & social hostel, a cheap place khổng lồ crash after a night of partying or a chic designer option khổng lồ sip cocktails and surround yourself with fabulous people – Gay Ho đưa ra Minh city has something for everyone!


Gay Nightlife in Ho bỏ ra Minh City

For a đô thị of its size, Gay Ho chi Minh thành phố has a relatively limited array of gay nightlife – though hopefully, the current boom in tourism will encourage more LGBT bars, clubs, and events to lớn spring up in the future. More known for late night coffee chats and chic cocktail bars, nightlife here is often focussed around tourists và expats with a few younger, wealthy locals. There is only one true gay bar in Ho đưa ra Minh City, but a few other LGBT-favourite hangouts và events lớn consider as well as some wicked monthly gay parties!

PAPA Cafe – A small restaurant which has become the local LGBT neighborhood hangout with karaoke, drinks, dinner và plenty of fun. The gay crowd is mostly here earlier in the night before moving on elsewhere. Found just off the Cong Truong Quoc Te traffic roundabout.

Had enough of gay cruising in Ho bỏ ra Minh city – either in the bars or elsewhere?For those who want a bit more guaranteed action, the gay saunas in Ho bỏ ra Minh city are open late & of surprisingly good unique in general – especially compared to lớn other places in Asia like Shanghai, Chiang Mai, Taichung, and Hanoi!

In such a foreign-friendly đô thị you will have no issues visiting the Ho chi Minh city gay sauna as a foreigner – but expect plenty of shy Vietnamese guys who are afraid to break the cảm biến barrier (like many guys in Asia.)You will always need lớn make the first move if you are interested – or head to lớn the dark rooms to get right down to business. Gay Sauna và Gay spa in Ho bỏ ra Minh are hard to lớn tell apart, & many offer both options, but we have tried khổng lồ separate them out into those more focussed on không lấy phí cruising fun – or happy male massages.


Ngoc Diep (ND) Spa – A very small Moroccan-themed sauna with a dark, dark room, sauna, steam room và lockers. Young, shy locals who want khổng lồ play, if someone shows them the way. Located in a little alley, (10°47’01.5″N 106°40’23.9”E) with group và private rooms.
Male Massage & Gay Spain Ho chi Minh City

Don’t care about the sights or simply want khổng lồ take advantage of affordable gay massages in Ho chi Minh City? Then why not get a sensual male massage in Ho chi Minh đô thị – there are plenty of options! Here are đứng đầu recommended gay spas và male massage in Ho chi Minh đô thị options (there are other gay mas sa places of course – we have just heard mixed đánh giá about the rest!). A range of treatments are available, and what happens in private is between the masseur and you.

To be blunt, most people that go for body-to-body massages are usually looking for sex, so make sure you get the right masseur to lớn match what you are after. & don’t hold too tight on your money, you will get what you pay more.

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