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All children were from middle-class families or had parents who were attending graduate school.

To systematize postgraduate education and supervision, a graduate school system, established in 1995, combines state-of-the-art research with training programs.

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This was completely true of my advisors in graduate school who did spend gobs of time trying to tát get u going in my dissertation.

Everybody who was in graduate school, in my age group or earlier, was concerned about supposedly neutral monetary shocks with potentially disastrous consequences.

It might be correct to tát say of you that you have enjoyed being a philosopher ever since graduate school.

But not to tát worry: you hear them, all right - unless you went to tát graduate school and learned laboriously to tát deafen yourself.

A subsequent spell in graduate school deepened and enhanced his perception of the construction of the modern subject, particularly in its opposition to tát authority.

Regarding formal education, men enjoy advantages over women because they are more likely to tát have college and graduate school education.

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I have indeed met some who pretended not to tát believe this, and a friend of mine in graduate school also professed to tát be a solipsist.

However, scarcely having one-third of college under my belt made my chances of acceptance in graduate school extremely slim.

The average years of education was 18, which indicates that most participants had completed their undergraduate degree and had 1 or more years of graduate school.

Beliefs such as these carry over to tát the graduate school education of scientists.

Then the question was graduate school.

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The 14-point scale for untrained graduate school teachers runs from £965 to tát £1,705 and that for untrained good honours graduates from £1,090 to tát £1,830.

It was because he had just been told that his son wanted to tát go to tát graduate school.

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