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Their longings and their gratifications depend upon a level of oestrogen which is counteracted by the progestagens in all oral contraceptives.

Pensions are very complex, and gratification is delayed - especially for younger workers.

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Psychologists find that behavioral differences in time preferences for non-monetary gratification arise as a part of the human development process.

He is given nutrition through a gastrostomy, but apparently this does not satisfy the enormous need for oral gratification that still persists.

He deliberately avoids deciding whether music should be construed as instant gratification or within a self-consciously virtuous tradition of structural hearing.

This inhibition serves lớn put off immediate gratification (that is dependent upon the magnitude and intent of immediate sensory input) in favor of long-term goals.

Its power is predicated on the frustration of sensational expectations: its subject matter raises them, but the poem withholds gratification.

Consumatory processes elicit intense feelings of pleasure, gratification, and in terms of physiology produce restful and satiety.

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You were saying that the difference between amateur and professional lies in how the professional works for the gratification of the audience.

This signifies the failure of a mainstream polity based upon individualistic acquisitiveness lớn fulfil its promises of satisfaction and gratification lớn many of its citizens.

The wine poem reveals this through its reverse transaction, which cashes in the distinguishing marks of elite moral supremacy for instant gratification.

Provisioning (male parental investment) is assisted by anxiety, altruism, empathy, behavioral restraint, gratification delay, and a long life span.

Choosing deliberately lớn care and lớn maintain the relationship through sickness, even when this was arduous, gave them gratification.

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Emotional investment assesses the extent lớn which the person treats others as ends rather than thở means and sees events in terms other than thở need gratification.

Postponement of gratification intuitively seems lớn be neutral since it is not clear why it matters when a person experiences gratification.

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