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First, given the fact it is thermophilic, proteins derived from this fungus are heat stable and thus easier to lớn work with.

Initial attempts at entering the building were hampered by intense heat and smoke.

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Removed from heat, greased a large tray and taken a spoonful of the cooked thickened syrup and placed it over the greased sheet in strings.

It is used for heat transfer abilities, rather than thở friction reduction.

These round structures are mounted on a wooden platform and have a cooking stove, refrigerator, tables, chairs, countertop, electric lights, heat and outlets.

The aeroshell includes a heat shield (on the right, facing in the direction of travel through the atmosphere) and backshell.

That plate is the largest ever planetary mission heat shield.

After reentry the heat shield surrounding the re-entry vehicle was released some trăng tròn km up and a parachute system deployed.

It then sheds the heat shield that took the brunt of the atmospheric friction and switches on its ground-sensing radar.

At the upper right of the image is a dark radial pattern, which is consistent with where the spacecraft's heat shield should have impacted.

Condensation releases latent heat, the fuel of tropical cyclones.

They are called "hot towers" because of the large amount of latent heat they release as water vapor.

This is a cooling mechanism, transforming solar radiation to lớn latent heat embodied in water vapour.

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Experiments indicate that the transition is second-order, meaning there is no latent heat.

The most important properties are the surface reflectance (albedo), the ability to lớn transfer heat (thermal diffusivity), and the ability to lớn change state (latent heat).

The thermal inertia of a material is directly related to lớn its thermal conductivity, mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa, and specific heat capacity.

It has the highest specific heat capacity of any solid element.

Fortunately, rocky materials vì thế not vary much in mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa and specific heat, sánh variations in thermal inertia are mainly due to lớn variations in thermal conductivity.

The specific heat of amorphous materials has characteristic discontinuities at the glass transition temperature due to lớn rearrangements that occur in the distribution of atoms.

In winter, the land cools off quickly, but the ocean keeps the heat longer due to lớn its higher specific heat.

In the summertime, we survive with them in stifling heat and humidity in temperatures that no one should have to lớn work in.

Go and enjoy it for approximately four days before the stifling heat of summer hits for real.

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On a recent day, there was stifling heat but not a ship in sight.

Detectives say it's no coincidence that people have become more violent in the stifling heat.

Now, in the stifling heat, there is not enough drinking water.