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hereafter adverb [not gradable] (IN THE FUTURE)

hereafter noun [U] (AFTER DEATH)

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Các ví dụ của hereafter


As a result, unless otherwise stated the term ' younger generation' refers hereafter to tướng the participants' offspring.

We therefore ignore the complications of hierarchical corruption hereafter.

Despite this, the responses of tsetse flies to tướng the skin secretions of hosts (hereafter sebum) have not been extensively investigated in the field.

Their resurrection and related events suggest a transfer of their souls from the mode of being of this world to tướng that of the hereafter.

Nowhere is this more obvious than thở in their brief section on social play (hereafter "play").

The closed space continues on into the hereafter through a high altar recess, lit from the side.

Clairvoyance, which has been getting somewhat into disrepute, will probably be looking up hereafter.

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We give hereafter two samples, representative of two types of action.

The distribution of non-target (hereafter incorrect) responses made by each group was examined by type to tướng determine whether the groups performed differently.

The code is also clear about the ends of that covenant: a balance between the here and now and the hereafter.

We kiểm tra hereafter that the accessibility relation is correct, that is, an accessible subterm of a computable term is computable.

The algorithm makes use, at each stage, of one or more knowledge sources, which are explained hereafter together with their possible behaviors.

To simplify our notations, the disequilibrium index is denoted by dt hereafter.

I will hereafter refer to tướng this as the incompatibility argument.

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Because of the small sample of stilted trees, only unbuttressed and buttressed trees are considered hereafter.

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