Rules và Regulations

We expect that all of our staff abide by a code of conduct, rules, và regulations khổng lồ ensure that our valued patients receive the best care possible from honorable và expert physicians và caregivers.

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Hartford HealthCare has a value system in place which allows us to successfully achieve our mission. These values, which drive our daily work actions, include Caring, Safety, Excellence and Integrity. Things like truth, compassionate care & treating individuals with respect và dignity are the basis for our value system.

The Code of Conduct is an important part of our values. They spell out our expectations for how we should conduct ourselves in the work place, with all parties.

ThePrevention of Fraud & Abuse Policy and thePurchase Order Termsand Conditions Policy inform employees, contractors & agents of Hartford HealthCare regarding onfire-bg.com"s efforts lớn combat fraud, waste, & abuse in the healthcare system; lớn provide general information of the federal False Claims Act; to lớn describe the remedies & fines for violations that can result from certain types of fraudulent activities; và protections for reporting individuals.

In addition,federallaw prohibits the acceptance of any công trình of value (remuneration) made directly or indirectly, in cash or in kind, that may induce or appear to lớn induce the purchase or referral of any kind of health care goods, services, or items reimbursed by a federal or state health care program (Medicare và Medicaid). Consequently, the acceptance of any such gifts is strictly prohibited.

Hartford HealthCare has adoptedclear standards of behaviorto ensure activities & business interactions conducted by và on behalf of theHealthCareare in compliance with federal & state laws and regulations relative to lớn business gifts and other gratuities.

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Code of ConductCódigo de conducta


To access the Hartford HealthCare Portal, use the following link.

Hartford HealthCare Portal

Outlook web Access

To access Outlook web Access, use the following link.

Outlook web Access


The HealthStream® E-Learning System is a web-based, self-paced software application covering most Joint Commission and OSHA mandatory courses.

HealthStream® E-Learning

HR Express

HR Express (a.k.a. "ePay") provides Hartford HealthCare employees immediate online access to their payroll information, & intuitive tools for paycheck management.

HR Express


OneExchange is an online resource that makes it easy for Hartford HealthCare retirees to lớn find the right health insurance plan that meets their needs.


Benefits Contacts

Hartford HealthCare is proud to lớn offer a comprehensive benefits program that supports you while you are making Every Moment Matter for those we serve. Please use the following liên kết to access a comprehensive menu of Benefits Contacts and download our “Who khổng lồ Call” guide.

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