how to hang snowshoes on wall

One of my favorite things lớn collect are antique snowshoes. I think they are works of art in all their different shapes and styles. And there are ví many fun ways lớn use snowshoes in decor.

In My Home

I added a pair of my snowshoes lớn the top shelf of the guest house entryway.

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I leaned a pair of my snowshoes against the wall in our guest room. They are a fun touch in a Northwoods getaway.

I collect all kinds of vintage Winter sports equipment and snowshoes are the perfect addition leaning anywhere. See more of my neutral Winter Decor tour here.

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On the Ceiling

One of my favorite places lớn stay is at Graduate Hotels lượt thích the one in Minneapolis where snowshoes are integrated into the grand lobby lighting. See more of this amazing khách sạn in this post of my stay there.

Here are more fun ideas I collected in a board on Pinterest and wanted lớn share lớn inspire you too.

On the Wall

I love all the places you can huyệt snowshoes. I love them crossed over the headboard of a bed.

One of my favorite ideas is just lớn huyệt they as a gallery wall. There are ví many styles and sizes and ages of snowshoes. Hanging them this way shoes off a collection in a gorgeous way.

It’s a fun idea lớn make a pair of snowshoes into a shelf. A shelf lượt thích this would be great in any room in the house. If you don’t have a cabin or rustic home page, you could still bởi a bedroom, basement or mudroom in this theme and make a shelf lượt thích this.


What a fun idea lớn use a pair of snowshoes hanging on the wall lớn hold Christmas Cards or photos.

A beautiful pair of snowshoes can be hung in ví many ways too. They can be crossed as in the photo below.

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Or they can be hung side by side lượt thích in this stairway.

Snowshoes make a beautiful addition lớn a Winter gallery wall.

And snowshoes are stunning above a mantel.

Turn Them Into Furniture

You can turn snowshoes into practical and beautiful pieces of furniture too.

On the Porch

On the porch snowshoes have great curb appeal! Throw some in a pot of Winter greens and branches. They can stay out from Christmas all the way until Spring.

They are also beautiful on the wall. I adore the plaid scarf tied through these.

Snowshoes even make a beautiful wreath on the front door.

In the corner of a porch above a forest of potted pines is a fun welcoming addition!

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My mom has these snowshoe lights in one of the bedrooms in their Montana mountainside home page and I adore them!

Each time I am out antiquing I always have my eyes open for snowshoes lớn add lớn my collection and ways lớn use them in my decor! Follow bầm on all my social accounts and here on the blog lớn keep up with my fun finds and ideas lớn come.

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