EDUCATION:  Requests each thành viên of the Louisiana House of Representatives đồ sộ voluntarily serve as a substitute teacher in a public school

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Current Status:  Sent đồ sộ the Secretary of State

 Date   ChamberJournal
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06/01H  Taken by the Clerk of the House and presented đồ sộ the Secretary of State in accordance with the Rules of the House.
05/31H47  Enrolled and signed by the Speaker of the House.
05/26H12  Read by title, roll called, yeas 78, nays 0. The resolution was adopted.
05/25H  Scheduled for floor debate on 05/26/2022.
05/25H4  Read by title, amended, ordered engrossed, passed đồ sộ 3rd reading.
05/24H44  Reported with amendments (13-0).
05/03H4  Read by title, under the rules, referred đồ sộ the Committee on House and Governmental Affairs.
05/02H3  Read by title. Lies over under the rules.