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Vật phẩm này bị xóa vì chưng đã vi phạm luật Hướng dẫn xã hội với văn bản Steam. Bạn là tín đồ độc nhất vô nhị hoàn toàn có thể nhận thấy vật phẩm này. Nếu bạn tin rằng thứ phđộ ẩm của bản thân mình bị xóa nhầm thì xin sung sướng liên hệ nhóm hỗ trợ Steam.

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Vật phẩm này không cân xứng với DARK SOULS™ III. Hãy coi trang chỉ dẫn để hiểu nguyên ổn nhân tại sao đồ phẩm này rất có thể không dùng được vào DARK SOULS™ III.

This guide is for players new khổng lồ the Souls series & returning veterans of past games. It will provide some basic advice on the gameplay & various tips on surviving Lothric & its dangers.
Welcome to my Dark Souls 3 Beginner Guide! This guide will cover và discuss how you should go about exploring this harsh game and provide some tips và insight to lớn make survival much easier. The Dark Souls 3 gameplay is more or less the same compared to its predecessors so those who are familiar with its previous titles should more or less expect the same type of difficulty except for a new area to explore, faster paced combat, and various new enemies.
Preparing For The Journey The Beginning chơi Game and Combat Online Play Farming & Upgrading Endgame, Pre NG+ Survival Tips Expert Tips FAQThe guide will begin by discussing how you should prep yourself before starting the actual game và as it progresses will begin khổng lồ discuss more & more various bits of information that will help you not only short term, but also lay the groundwork for the later stages of the game in preparation for NG+.
Before you actually begin your arduous journey through the world of Lothric, you’re going lớn want to set yourself up & brainstorm how you’re going to go about playing the actual game. Through the early stages of the game, you’re going to lớn have sầu some leniency in terms of how you play the game since leveling will be easy và stat distribution is more open. But, you’re going khổng lồ want to stiông chồng to a playstyle that suits your preference throughout the game since most of the enemies, particularly bosses, won’t give sầu you much room for error và will kill you easily if you aren’t sure how to play your class/character properly, especially in later stages of the game.One of the beauties of Dark Souls is that you usually have sầu more freedom in terms of playstyle & can make almost any combination of weapons và magic to suit your needs. You can be a mage swordsman, a heavy hitter cleric, a hex master with dual swords, & so on. (optional, for a more realistic/harder experience ignore this) Also, if the information is available, do a little retìm kiếm on the game & figure out what will be available to lớn you either short term or long term so you can anticipate where to lớn go và have a pre-determined plan for success in game. In the end, develop a general idea of how you’re going lớn play the game and use that as your base for the rest of your journey khổng lồ further develop your abilities as a player và make the whole process a lot more bearable.
The starting classes are as follows: Knight
: This is your top of the line "easy" class that begins with high vitality, a full suit of armor, & a powerful shield. Mercenary: This class comes with the highest dexterity. They start off with a basic sword và shield, but are tailored made for dual wielding and other ambidextrous builds . Warrior: Similar lớn Knights but with an emphasis on Strength rather than Vitality. They"re also equipped with a strong battleaxe pháo and wooden shield. Suited for players who prefer powerful, two-handed weapons and a svào offense. Herald: A jack-of-all-trades class, they have well-rounded stats, come equipped with a spear for calculated battles & have a healing spell as well. Thief: Begins the game with higher luchồng compared to any other starting class. They have light armor but also wield a dagger (igiảm giá khuyến mãi for backstabs) & a bow for ranged battle.

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Assassin : Have very middle-of-the-road stats, with a minor emphasis on attunement and dexterity. They also begin with a low-power sorcery spell. Sorcerer : A caster class that begins with low stats, but are saved for huge buffs to attunement và intelligence. They also carry two spells to lớn begin with. Pyromancer : Wield destructive sầu fire spells that contain area-of-effect abilities. Begin with high Intelligence & Faith. Cleric: Have high Faith và Attunement stats và begin with two miracle spells. They also carry a mace for combat. Deprived: Basically the hard difficulty, all stats begin at cấp độ 10 và your character has no starting armor. You’ll begin with a club & a wooden shield, that’s it.Like I mentioned in the previous section, the beginning stages of the game are usually a good place to lớn experiment & define what kind of player you’re going khổng lồ be. Your starting class will more or less determine what kind of gameplay experience you will have sầu from the beginning of the game onward. It will also determine the difficulty of the early stages of the game & your customization options. You will want to figure out: What kinds of weapons/armor you’re going to lớn primarily use What kind of supporting or offensive sầu magic you will utilize What your secondary class characteristics will be Which clan/covenant you will join If you will support other players or invade others for PvPhường play Which stats you will focus primarily on What tăng cấp path you will focus onDepending on how you normally play these kinds of RPG games, this will take longer for some of you compared to others. At the very least, you’re going khổng lồ want lớn figure most of this out before level 25-30 since souls will be harder to obtain, mobs will be more difficult khổng lồ kill, and the overall difficulty will be harder depending on how far along you are. If you insist on not limiting yourself khổng lồ one type of playstyle, then you should at least have sầu one go-lớn phối up in case things become too difficult và advancing through the gameplay is taking too long.
Once you figure out how to lớn go about playing the game & you’re far enough along, you should refine your combat abilities & find ways lớn improve sầu your character by other means. For starters you should have an understanding of the various stats, what they mean và how they affect your gameplay. You also need khổng lồ take inkhổng lồ account the Auxiliary Stats/Effects
such as Bleed, Poison, & Curse as well as damage types such as Fire, Lightning, Magic, Dark, and Normal.
These effects are usually characterized by showing a Resist Meter when taking damage from the source of the effect. The rate at which the meter builds is dependent on your Resist stat value, but once the meter is full the effect will last 3 minutes regardless of stats.

Generally deals low damage per second over a period of three minutes & lasts until it is either cured, expired or death occurs. (Toxic is a much stronger version)
When the meter is full, giao dịch instant damage instead of damage per second, typically 30% of health. Can be inflicted against certain bosses.
When the meter is full, reduces stamina recovery significantly for the duration of the effect.
Player will be turned khổng lồ stone once the meter fills. This is equivalent khổng lồ dying, you will thất bại all souls and return to lớn the last bonfire at which you rested.

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As you progress through Lothric, you will encounter various kinds of enemies as well as environments. You might not know ahead of time, but sometimes it is beneficial to anticipate specific types of areas & prepare yourself beforehand. What this means is you should have a second set of armor or clothing with particular Auxiliary Stats to lớn counter whatever Effect an enemy/trùm has themselves as well as the environment such as toxic pools or poison gas. This is also important when trying khổng lồ obtain a specific thành công or chest since the chests with better items are in difficult, hard khổng lồ reach places with various types of traps và hazards. It’s also good khổng lồ keep an eye out for specific weapons and armor sets that sometimes have pre-phối auxiliary effects. This can save you time, souls, & resources on upgrading items as well as make certain areas easier lớn travel through.Another important aspect to lớn gameplay is stat scaling. Certain weapons are much more effective than others due lớn the stat scaling grade they have ranging from E (lowest) khổng lồ S (highest). To determine how much more effective a weapon is, take a look at the attachồng rating. For example, if you have a character that has a high Strength stat then using a weapon with a high Strength scaling grade will produce a bigger attaông chồng rating than any other weapon. Certain weapons also have multiple stat scaling grades for hybrid builds. Take note that high attack ratings don’t always mean they’re the best & that scaling isn"t exactly the same for weapons with similar grades. Also, faster weapons with lower attaông xã ratings can still produce much more damage than slower weapons with higher ratings.

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