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I’m Fiona & I’ve been teaching IELTS for đôi mươi years. I’ve coached hundreds of students khổng lồ success in my Members Academy.

I will help you get Band 7+ with my tried and tested strategies.

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IELTS Vocabulary Lists

May 2, 2022 By Fiona 7 Comments

Increasing your IELTS Vocabulary is essential for a higher Band Score, but what exactly is "IELTS Vocabulary" và which menu should we trust?I did a quick search on Google và it …

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10 useful Academic IELTS Reading resources

April 13, 2022 By Fiona 6 Comments

The IELTS Reading kiểm tra is tough, và the biggest problem is that we hardly ever read the type of texts that we have lớn read in IELTS.The only way to lớn get better at IELTS Reading is …

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What is the best online IELTS course? (Part 2)

November 9, 2021 By Fiona Leave a Comment

The best online IELTS course is different for everyone, so the aim of this blog is to help you choose the best IELTS course for YOU.I sell online IELTS preparation courses, and I …

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