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A limited or established period of time that something is supposed to last, as a school or court session, tenure in public office, or a prison sentence.
a. A word or group of words having a particular meaning, especially in a specific field: I was baffled by the technical terms that the programmers were using.
b. terms Language of a certain kind; chosen words: spoke in rather vague terms; praised him in glowing terms.
5. often terms One of the elements of a proposed or concluded agreement; a condition: offered favorable peace terms; one of the terms of the lease; the terms of a divorce settlement.
6. terms The relationship between two people or groups; personal footing: on good terms with her in-laws.
a. A stone or post marking a boundary, especially a squared and downward-tapering pillar adorned with a head and upper torso.
1. As measured or indicated by; in units of: distances expressed in terms of kilometers as well as miles; cheap entertainment, but costly in terms of time wasted.
2. In relation to; with reference to: "narcissistic parents who ... interpret their child"s experience entirely in terms of their own history" (Richard Weissbourd).

1. a name, expression, or word used for some particular thing, esp in a specialized field of knowledge: a medical term.
4. (Education) any of the divisions of the academic year during which a school, college, etc, is in session
8. (Mathematics) maths either of the expressions the ratio of which is a fraction or proportion, any of the separate elements of a sequence, or any of the individual addends of a polynomial or series
10. (Architecture) architect Also called: terminal, terminus or terminal figure a sculptured post, esp one in the khung of an armless bust or an animal on the top of a square pillar
1. a word or group of words designating something, esp. in a particular field: the term atom in physics.
b. conditions or stipulations limiting what is proposed to lớn be granted or done: the terms of a treaty.
8. each of the members of which a mathematical expression, a series of quantities, or the lượt thích, is composed.
1. Each of the quantities or expressions that khung the parts of a ratio or the numerator và denominator of a fraction.
2. Any of the quantities in an equation that are connected khổng lồ other quantities by a plus sign or a minus sign.
1. "term"

At a British school, each year is divided inlớn three terms. At an American school, it is divided inkhổng lồ four terms.

2. "semester"

At a British college or university, each year is also divided into lớn three terms.

At an American college or university, it is divided into two semesters, three trimesters, or four quarters.


Past participle: termedGerund: termingImperativePresentPreteritePresent ContinuousPresent PerfectPast ContinuousPast PerfectFutureFuture PerfectFuture ContinuousPresent Perfect ContinuousFuture Perfect ContinuousPast Perfect ContinuousConditionalPast ConditionalImperative
I term
you term
he/she/it terms
we term
you term
they term
I termed
you termed
he/she/it termed
we termed
you termed
they termed
Present Continuous
I am terming
you are terming
he/she/it is terming
we are terming
you are terming
they are terming
Present Perfect
I have sầu termed
you have sầu termed
he/she/it has termed
we have sầu termed
you have termed
they have termed
Past Continuous
I was terming
you were terming
he/she/it was terming
we were terming
you were terming
they were terming
Past Perfect
I had termed
you had termed
he/she/it had termed
we had termed
you had termed
they had termed
I will term
you will term
he/she/it will term
we will term
you will term
they will term
Future Perfect
I will have termed
you will have termed
he/she/it will have termed
we will have termed
you will have sầu termed
they will have sầu termed
Future Continuous
I will be terming
you will be terming
he/she/it will be terming
we will be terming
you will be terming
they will be terming
Present Perfect Continuous
I have sầu been terming
you have sầu been terming
he/she/it has been terming
we have sầu been terming
you have sầu been terming
they have been terming
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been terming
you will have been terming
he/she/it will have sầu been terming
we will have been terming
you will have been terming
they will have been terming
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been terming
you had been terming
he/she/it had been terming
we had been terming
you had been terming
they had been terming
I would term
you would term
he/she/it would term
we would term
you would term
they would term
Past Conditional
I would have termed
you would have termed
he/she/it would have termed
we would have sầu termed
you would have termed
they would have sầu termed


(academic) trimester or semester
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Noun1.term - a word or expression used for some particular thing; "he learned many medical terms"
word - a unit of language that native sầu speakers can identify; "words are the blocks from which sentences are made"; "he hardly said ten words all morning"
period, period of time, time period - an amount of time; "a time period of 30 years"; "hastened the period of time of his recovery"; "Picasso"s xanh period"
prison term, sentence, time - the period of time a prisoner is imprisoned; "he served a prison term of 15 months"; "his sentence was 5 khổng lồ 10 years"; "he is doing time in the county jail"
academic session, academic term, school term, session - the time during which a school holds classes; "they had to shorten the school term"
3.term - (usually plural) a statement of what is required as part of an agreement; "the contract mix out the conditions of the lease"; "the terms of the treaty were generous"
statement - a message that is stated or declared; a communication (oral or written) setting forth particulars or facts etc; "according khổng lồ his statement he was in London on that day"
agreement, understanding - the statement (oral or written) of an exchange of promises; "they had an agreement that they would not interfere in each other"s business"; "there was an understanding between management and the workers"
4.term - any distinct quantity contained in a polynomial; "the general term of an algebraic equation of the n-th degree"
quantity - the concept that something has a magnitude và can be represented in mathematical expressions by a constant or a variable

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term - one of the substantive sầu phrases in a logical proposition; "the major term of a syllogism must occur twice"
grammatical constituent, constituent - (grammar) a word or phrase or clause forming part of a larger grammatical construction
predicate - (logic) what is predicated of the subject of a proposition; the second term in a proposition is predicated of the first term by means of the copula; "`Socrates is a man" predicates manhood of Socrates"
referent - the first term in a proposition; the term khổng lồ which other terms relate
relatum - a term in a proposition that is related to lớn the referent of the proposition
proposition - (logic) a statement that affirms or denies something and is either true or false
categorem, categoreme - a categorematic expression; a term capable of standing alone as the subject or predicate of a logical proposition; "names are called categorems"
middle term - the term in a syllogism that is common lớn both premises và excluded from the conclusion
6.term - the end of gestation or point at which birth is imminent; "a healthy baby born at full term"
full term
point in time, point - an instant of time; "at that point I had to lớn leave"
gestation, gestation period - the period during which an embryo develops (about 266 days in humans)
term - (architecture) a statue or a human bust or an animal carved out of the top of a square pillar; originally used as a boundary marker in ancient Rome
architecture - the discipline dealing with the principles of design and construction và ornamentation of fine buildings; "architecture và eloquence are mixed arts whose over is sometimes beauty và sometimes use"
Hotline, name - assign a specified (usually proper) proper name to; "They named their son David"; "The new school was named after the famous Civil Rights leader"


1. word, name, expression, title, label, phrase, denomination, designation, appellation, locution What"s the medical term for a heart attack?
3. period, time, spell, while, season, space, interval, span, duration, incumbency a 12 month term of service
4. conclusion, end, cthua trận, finish, culmination, fruition Older women are just as capable of carrying a baby khổng lồ term.
1. language, terminology, phraseology, manner of speaking The Clip explains in simple terms how the tax works.
2. conditions, particulars, provisions, provisos, stipulations, qualifications, premises (Law), specifications the terms of the Helsinki agreement
3. relationship, standing, footing, relations, position, status We shook hands & parted on good terms.
4. price, rates, charges, fee, payment They provide favourable terms to shops that invest in their services.
1. Hotline, name, label, style, entitle, tag, dub, designate, describe as, denominate He had been termed a temporary employee.
come to terms come to lớn an agreement, reach agreement, come khổng lồ an understanding, conclude agreement Even if they came lớn terms, investors would object khổng lồ the merger.
come lớn terms with something learn khổng lồ live sầu with, come to lớn accept, be reconciled to, reach acceptance of She had come to terms with the fact that she would always be ill.
in terms of with regard to, concerning, regarding, as to lớn, in connection with, in respect of, as regards, with reference to, in the matter of Our goods compete well in terms of unique và reliability.
Usage:Many people object lớn the use of in terms of as an all-purpose preposition replacing phrases such as `as regards", `about", và so forth in a context such as the following: in terms of trends in smoking habits, there is good news. They would maintain that in strict usage it should be used lớn specify a relationship, as in: obesity is defined in terms of toàn thân mass index, which involves a bit of cumbersome maths. Nevertheless, despite objections, it is very commonly used as a links word, particularly in speech.
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