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With this tool, you can easily copy your desired text in SVG format without the need to tải về the fonts. You can then paste it into design programs such as Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, and edit it as needed. This user-friendly tool aims to simplify the process of copying text in SVG format, providing convenience and flexibility for your design projects. By utilizing this tool, you can seamlessly integrate your text into your designs and make desired modifications without the hassle of fonts downloads.

Image Generator:
Customize and Visualize Your Texts!

Image Generator is a service that allows you lớn fully customize your texts and visualize them in various formats. This user-friendly tool enables you lớn adjust font style, fonts size, background color, fonts color, and your text nội dung.

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Image Generator enables you lớn customize the background and fonts colors lớn make your texts visually appealing. You can choose your preferred colors or utilize color palettes lớn achieve specific color harmonies. This allows you lớn adjust your texts to reflect the identity of your projects or brand.

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Image Generator provides outputs in SVG and PNG formats based on user preferences. The SVG format allows you lớn save your texts as vector-based graphics, ensuring no loss of quality when resizing. The PNG format provides high-quality raster images. This allows you lớn obtain ideal outputs for using your designs on websites, social media platforms, or printed materials.

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