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Kaspersky Rephối Trial Final | KRT CLUB ATB Final v4 | Kaspersky Remix Tool Home Versions 2014-2021 v2 | RePachồng 27 December 2020, 07:16
Kaspersky Reset Trial — A program to rephối the trial (for reuse trial period) antivirus Kaspersky Lab products. KRT instantly resets the trial on all products LC stated in the program. About detection were from LK — malicious software in the original version KRT has never been & never will be. In this manner, protect their products LK assigning status KRT virut or trojan!
Supported versions of Kaspersky Lab products:Kaspersky Antivi khuẩn 2012Kaspersky Antivirut 2013Kaspersky Antivi khuẩn 2014Kaspersky Antivirus 2015Kaspersky Antivi khuẩn 2016Kaspersky Antivirus 2017Kaspersky Antivirus 2018Kaspersky Antivirus 2019Kaspersky Antivirut 2020Kaspersky Antivi khuẩn 2021Kaspersky Internet Security 2012Kaspersky Internet Security 2013Kaspersky Internet Security 2014Kaspersky Internet Security 2015Kaspersky Internet Security 2016Kaspersky Internet Security 2017Kaspersky Internet Security 2018Kaspersky Internet Security 2019Kaspersky Internet Security 2020Kaspersky Internet Security 2021Kaspersky Total Security 2015Kaspersky Total Security 2016Kaspersky Total Security 2017Kaspersky Total Security 2018Kaspersky Total Security 2019Kaspersky Total Security 2020Kaspersky Total Security 2021Kaspersky Free Antivi khuẩn 2016Kaspersky Free Antivirus 2017Kaspersky Free Security 2018Kaspersky Free Security 2019Kaspersky Free Security 2020Kaspersky Free Security 2021Kaspersky CRYSTAL 2.0Kaspersky CRYSTAL 3.0Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10Kaspersky Small Officе Security 2Kaspersky Small Officе Security 3Kaspersky Small Officе Security 4Kaspersky Small Officе Security 5The program was tested on the operating system:Windows XP (x86)Windows 7 (x86, x64)Windows 8, 8.1 (x86, x64)Windows Server 2003 R2 (x86)Redesigned the program code KRT, including conventional and advanced modes. Switching modes KRT keys Ctrl + F12
The KRT CLUB program is designed to rephối the activation of Kaspersky Lab"s anti-virut products. For the correct operation of the KRT CLUB program, use the lakiểm tra version posted on the diễn đàn. The number of computers for using the program is unlimited, there is no binding to a particular computer (computer hardware). The serial number of the program is linked lớn the user name và is an individual user number for activating the current version (all subsequent versions) of the KRT CLUB program.

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Resetting the activation of antivirus products.Activation of anti-vi khuẩn products from the activation file (lic-file).Save current commercial activation of anti-virus products to lớn the activation tệp tin (lic-file).Clearing the traces of activation after uninstalling antivi khuẩn products.Attention!The KRT CLUB program is guaranteed khổng lồ work with the original versions of antivirus products hosted on the LC website, when using anti-virut programs such as RePachồng, the correct operation of the KRT CLUB is not guaranteed.

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Supported products:Kaspersky Antivi khuẩn 14Kaspersky Antivi khuẩn 15Kaspersky Antivi khuẩn 16Kaspersky Antivi khuẩn 17Kaspersky Antivi khuẩn 18Kaspersky Antivirut 19Kaspersky Antivirus 20Kaspersky Antivirus 21Kaspersky Internet Security 14Kaspersky Internet Security 15Kaspersky Internet Security 16Kaspersky Internet Security 17Kaspersky Internet Security 18Kaspersky Internet Security 19Kaspersky Internet Security 20Kaspersky Internet Security 21Kaspersky Total Security 14Kaspersky Total Security 15Kaspersky Total Security 16Kaspersky Total Security 17Kaspersky Total Security 18Kaspersky Total Security 19Kaspersky Total Security 20Kaspersky Total Security 21
Kaspersky Rephối Trial FinalThe last public release of the program. Fixed minor bugs and improved code. Removed splash screen with information about providing financial support for the KRT project.


Homepage | Changelog KRT CLUB OS: Windows (x86-x64) Language: ML / ENG / RUS Size: 2,91 / 12,42 MB.Download Kaspersky Reset Trial Final: MultiFileMirror.comDownload KRT CLUB FULL (ENG-RUS): MultiFileMirror.comDownload Kaspersky Remix Tool Home Versions 2014-2021 v2: MultiFileMirror.com
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