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Internal version (has not release lớn public). – Release Date: 2012.12.12Add Chinese interface **đôi mươi – Release Date: 2012.12.07* Improve “Auto-Installation” logic– Correct “Download All” interface when phông size over 100 DPI4.2.1.25507 – Release Date: 2012.11.16

Internal version (has not release lớn public). – Release Date: 2012.10.26+ Certified for Windows 8+ Add Italian interface **+ Add Arabic interface ** – Release Date: 2012.10.12– Fix some bugs4.1.0.26484 – Release Date: 2012.09.27+ Add Ukrainian translation* Relocate some button location lớn fit new translation– Fix some bugs4.0.6.22634 – Release Date: 2012.08.20– Correct a German translation error– Update .Net Framework 2.0 tải về link4.0.5.29454 – Release Date: 2012.07.17* Improve sầu Windows updates download performance– Fix “Show All Hidden Devices Item” not working issue– Fix WUA for Windows XP 64bit download link4.0.4.21077 – Release Date: 2012.07.06– Fix download speed not showing on 125% text kích cỡ (120 DPI) – Release Date: 2012.07.03– Fix an interface issue on some Windows 7 system4.0.2.17941 – Release Date: 2012.07.02– Fix a stop working bug on some X64 system4.0.1.28747 – Release Date: 2012.06.29– Reduce installation package size– Fix some bugs4.0.0.32303 – Release Date: 2012.06.27+ Add Windows Update feature+ Offline Scan feature+ Add Hungarian(Magyar) interface *** Redesign user interface* Improve hardware information showing* Many function improvement– Fix some bugs3.11.3.34316 – Release Date: 2012.01.05* Rewrite some scan súc tích. – Release Date: 2011.11.22– Fix “Guid string should only contain hexadecimal characters”– Fix CPU detection problem when install a new CPU3.11.0.22101 – Release Date: 2011.10.31+ Add Spanish (Argentina) interface **+ Add Portuguese(Brazil) interface **+ Add renew license feature* Improve hardware information showing* Improve driver installation in x64 system– Fix some bugs3.10.1.16903 – Release Date: 2011.08.30– Fix “Version string portion was too short or too long” bug3.10.0.26694 – Release Date: 2011.07.21* Adjust user interfice– Fix some bugs3.9.2.20914 – Release Date: 2011.07.12– Fix tải về menu present bug3.9.1.30813 – Release Date: 2011.07.08* Rewrite driver install, driver restore, driver uninstall code* Rewrite create restore point code* Improve GUI performance on old machine* Improve sầu GUI on 120DPI và 150DPI– Fix many bugs– Reduce the thiết đặt file size3.6.0.34159 – Release Date: 2011.05.05* Redesign the Unplugged device list– Removed the AD và Flash game during tải về drivers (We are listening your request) – Release Date: 2011.04.12* Enhance driver scan engine– Fix some minor bugs3.5.2.20322 – Release Date: (Internal version, has not release lớn public)* For hàng hóa certification3.5.1.30846 – Release Date: 2011.03.15– Fix “System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not mix to lớn an instance of an object” error3.5.0.32349 – Release Date: 2011.03.08+ Industry first Auto-Installation feature, enable automatically install drivers which has no setup program **+ Add Dutch interface *+ Allow user khổng lồ view the driver information in details, by clicking the device name at “Download” page+ Add Flash game while downloading large-tệp tin driver on Free version* Enhance install and scan process– Fix some minor bugs3.1.1.40990 – Release Date: 2010.12.25– Fix some translation errors in Franch interface3.1.0.37646 – Release Date: 2010.12.10+ Add French interface ** Improve Backup ngắn gọn xúc tích, up lớn 5x faster then before. **– Fix some bugs3.0.1.35192 – Release Date: 2010.12.02* Improve sầu scan performance. – Release Date: 2010.11.25+ Multi-Language Interface: English & German.

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**+ Basic Hardware Detection2.6.1.36300 – Release Date: 2010.8.25+ Support Computer Technician License* Improve driver backup logic2.6.0.28108 – Release Date: 2010.8.5+ Add scheduled scan feature* Improve unplugged device display format2.5.1.31236 – Release Date: 2010.7.23* Improve sầu the installation procedure on professional version2.5.0.209trăng tròn – Release Date: 2010.7.20+ Driver Restore Feature **+ Driver Uninstall Feature **+ Unplugged device is marked with a new indicator so it’s easy to lớn identify.+ Add zip file as optional save sầu format in Driver Backup type. *** Rekiến thiết the Tools button– Fix a bug when creating the restore point2.3.0.20264 – Release Date: 2010.6.13+ Add “Hide Item” button on tải về page, allow user khổng lồ skip some driver files, hidden thành phầm will not be shown on scan result & download page again.+ Add a new setting to lớn allow user to lớn clean the hiden nhà cửa list.+ Add Aukhổng lồ Shutdown Feature*** Improve the error handling on driver scan progress, user can choose to lớn send the error report lớn development team.* Improve sầu the error handling on tải về progress, Driver Easy will atuo connect the server repeatedly to lớn ensure the download stability.– Fix 500 error about that hardware name includes some character2.2.1.31019 – Release Date: 2010.6.2Internal used only, has not release to lớn the public. – Release Date: 2010.5.27+ Aukhổng lồ extract ZIPhường & RAR files+ One-Cliông xã Setup feature for ZIPhường or RAR driver file– xuất hiện File Location button, Allow user lớn open the driver tệp tin folder– Fix the bug on some date/time system (eg: Saudi Arabia) – Release Date: 2010.5.18– Fix the bug when upgrade from 1.x2.1.0.36691 – Release Date: 2010.5.10* Improve sầu stability of download management* Beautify the downloading page (add background color, make some changes lớn items)– Fix the bug that after rescanning the former downloading process would be lost2.0.0.28787 – Release Date: 2010.4.23+ Driver backup feature **+ Allow user lớn check the installed driver tệp tin details.+ Allow user khổng lồ direct navigate lớn Download page, vì not need to Scan again* New symbol to lớn easy identify drivers for unknown device & drivers has not up-to-date1.0.9.42370 – Release Date: 2010.3.31+ One click lớn Download All drivers **+ Automatically create a restore point before install the driver **+ Auto-Update feature, can automatically update when new version available* Improve sầu Report Error usability.– Fix some minor bugs. – Release Date: 2010.3.cấm trẻ em Report Error feature. An Report Error button was added for users convenience to report any possible diver error, so as khổng lồ improve sầu our hàng hóa accuracy & usability* Improve sầu user interface, add class ibé on Scan in Progress & Scan Summary– Fix some minor compatibility bugs, Driver Easy now more stable on non-English system – reduce the thiết đặt tệp tin kích thước to less than 1 MB1.0.5.29544 – Release Date: 2010.3.5* Improve system device scan logic– Fix device name displayed
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