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This is the layover allowed at the terminal points for documentation, inspection of the vehicle and so on.
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A century ago, it was the nesting and migratory layover for many birds, which depended on its variety of plants.
Trains can either layover there, allowing other trains khổng lồ pass them by, or reverse direction from this position.
The tracks continue south (compass west) beyond the station khổng lồ a formerly unused storage and layover area.
Line maintenance services include routine servicing of aircraft performed during normal turnaround periods and regularly scheduled layover periods.
The new station was located south of downtown where parking và a layover yard could be easily built.
Two sidings west of the station khổng lồ the north of the running lines provide layover facilities for works trains.

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Different boomerangs have sầu different flight characteristics, và the bigger the layover the higher the boomerang will fly.
As in mass transit, the term layover is also applicable in long-distance travel for breaks taken by operators.
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