League Of Legends Client Has Stopped Working


The problem that PVPhường.net Patcher Kernel has stopped working might appear while you are trying khổng lồ launch League of Legends (LoL). MiniTool Software provides 3 solutions to this error. Feel free to have a try if you are facing the problem.

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League of Legends is one of the most engrossing online games. It is a mix of RTS (real-time strategy) & RPG (role-playing game). However, some users report that they encountered PVPhường.net Patcher Kernel has stopped working error message. It’s really annoying because it prevents the game from launching.

The error occurs due to lớn various reasons. Fortunately, there are methods khổng lồ fix the problem. Just keep reading.

Method 1: Run LoL as Administrator

Some users have sầu solved PVPhường.net Patcher Kernel has stopped working simply by running the game as administrator. You can also have sầu a try.

When you run LoL from administrative sầu access, it gets past firewalls & other checks performed by system, which makes it work without any hindrance.

You just need lớn right-click the shortcut of LoL on your desktop và select Run as administrator.

If the game works properly now, proceed with the following operation to run it as administrator every time when you play the game.

Right-cliông xã the shortcut of LoL & choose Properties.Click Compatibility.Check Run this program as an administrator.Cliông chồng Apply and then OK khổng lồ save the changes you have sầu made.

Here is another way to Set Apps Always Run as an Administrator Windows 10. Click to get the information if you need.

Method 2: End the Program & Launch It

When there is a need to terminate a specific running program that is frozen, not responding, taking too many CPU resources, or simply not working properly, Task Manager is a good tool to lớn help fix the problem.

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So, try ending LoL using Task Manager if you’re facing the problem that PVP..net Patcher Kernel has stopped working in League of Legends.

Step 1: Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to lớn access Task Manager.

Step 2: Under Processes tab, locate League of Legends và right-click it. Then select End task to lớn cthua the program.

Then you can follow Method 1 lớn launch LoL as administrator. If the problem still exits, continue khổng lồ try the next method.

Method 3: Remove Game Patch Files

If the game patch files of LoL are corrupted or incorrectly configured, you may encounter the error that PVP..net Patcher Kernel has stopped working. To solve sầu the problem, you need to remove sầu these files.

Step 1: Navigate khổng lồ the installation thư mục of your League of Legends. By mặc định, you can go to lớn C:/Riot Games/League of Legends.

Tip: If you don’t know where you installed the game, you can right-clichồng the shortcut and select xuất hiện tệp tin location khổng lồ find it.

Step 2: Now go to RADS >projects > lol_air_client > releases > (the thư mục with the highest number). Delete releasemanifest & S_OK.

Step 3: Then clichồng deply thư mục and delete the following files & folders in it:



Step 4: Restart your computer.

Now you can launch LoL as administrator, & the problem that PVP.net Patcher Kernel has stopped working should have been removed.

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