Author: iTzSTU4RT Build Leona with confidence with the help of onfire-bg.com"s build guides. Whether you are completely new khổng lồ Leona or looking to refine your playstyle, we will help you take your Wild Rift game to the next màn chơi. Learn Leona"s abilities in detail, the best items to lớn build, which skills to màn chơi first, và more. Leona is ranked Tier A+ (Support Lane) in our Champion Tier List

LeonaThe Radiant Dawn
Recommended RoleSupport Lane


Leona is a support champion. She excels at engaging with her heavy crowd control abilities và being that front-line tank for your team. With Leona, you can bộ combo a lot of abilities to lớn chain crowd control for a long amount of time. The most common bộ combo that works really well especially early game is Zenith Blade (3rd Ability) then once you travel lớn the enemy you can use Shield Of Daybreak (1st Ability) lớn stun the enemy for a long period of time. Leomãng cầu works great at all stages of the game getting stronger when the game gets later as you can buy more tank items lớn survive sầu longer.

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Leomãng cầu does amazing with tank và tư vấn items that can help her stay alive when going in with her great crowd control. Zeke"s Convergence is a perfect tư vấn thành tựu for tanks like Leona that like lớn go in. It gives you armor & magic resistance và a huge area of effect passive when you use your ultimate near an ally champion which slows enemies around you. Deadman"s Plate is another great sản phẩm for Leona. It gives you movement speed that can allow Leona to lớn get closer to lớn the enemies và does that little bit of extra damage.

With runes, we have sầu the following:

Leona"s Shield of Daybreak (1), Zenith Blade (3), và Solar Flare (Ult) abilities all have sầu the potential to lớn immobilize the enemy which means it"s really easy lớn get the extra resistances from aftershock to stay alive sầu for longer.

Same as Aftershoông chồng, it"s really easy to immobilize the enemies. With weakness, this will make the enemy champion you immobilize take more damage.

As a melee champion, it is very helpful to have sầu more health regeneration especially for the laning phase as most of the time, you will be poked out by ranged champions.

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This rune allows you lớn get even more movement speed when near allies which is great for Leona when trying to lớn close the gap to land her abilities.

For summoner spells, Flash is a must on most champions. It also works really well with Leona"s abilities. You can flash into lớn the enemy team and use your Shield Of Daybreak (1st Ability) khổng lồ crowd control the enemy and full bộ that with your Zenith Blade (3rd Ability) and Solar Flare (Ultimate) to stun the enemy champion for a long time. Ignite is a nice way to get that extra little bit of damage with Leona when she is jumping in on the enemy team khổng lồ try và "secure" the kill!

Early Game

Leomãng cầu can struggle against ranged champions early on especially at cấp độ 1. The best thing to lớn vì chưng at level 1 is lớn play safe, once you hit cấp độ 2 you can use your early full bộ on the enemies to lớn try and get a good trade or maybe even potentially get an early kill. Once you hit Level 5 and have Solar Flare available you can start lớn look for more engages on the enemies. You can use your ultimate from range và follow that up with your other crowd control abilities. Make sure when you engage onkhổng lồ the enemy you use Eclipse (2nd Ability) which will give you a lot of resistance. Leona also has great roaming potential because of her amazing bộ combo. You can go to lớn mid lane & help your team out by trying khổng lồ get an advantage or maybe even a kill on the enemy mid laner.

Late Game

It"s really important as a tư vấn lớn stay with your team! Your job is to try và get your team grouped up for a big team fight, this where you thrive sầu. If you can get a huge full bộ off on the enemy team or an important target that you need to lớn kill & your team can follow up và kill everyone you can win the game! If this is not possible the best option you have is to stick by your AD carry (Dragon Lane Champion). The AD Carry in your team is one of the main damage sources và keeping he/her alive sầu is really important! Use all your crowd control available lớn you on the enemy và vày your best lớn stay in your of your AD khổng lồ keep them safe.


Overall Leona is a super fun champion to lớn play! If you like being at the forefront of engages & being that big front line tank then she is the right champion for you! She can survive for a long time & use her crowd control to win the game.

Thank you for reading this guide! Feel không tính tiền khổng lồ follow me & ask any questions on:

Good luck on the rift summoners!

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