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The role of albendazole in programmes to lớn eliminate lymphatic filariasis.

To perform these steps, declarative knowledge is used, for example, the knowledge that lymphatic metastases result from transference of cancer cells via the lymph vessels.

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Re-assessing the global prevalence and distribution of lymphatic filariasis.

It is evident that there is a broad geographic distribution of data and that this roughly covers the global distribution of lymphatic filariasis.

Thus, the lymphatic drainage will have to lớn face a lower resistance, and production of lymph will to lớn be lower, with normal absorption of protein.

Striated filamentous bundles associated with centrioles in pulmonary lymphatic endothelial cells.

They had no history of lymphangitis, erysipelas, limb swelling or any other stigmata of lymphatic dysfunction.

Again, this effect is exacerbated by the lack of a lymphatic system, which limits the ability of the brain to lớn relieve the pressure.

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Workplan of the steering committee on macrofilaricidal drugs for onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis (macrofil).

Lymphatic filariasis is generally diagnosed by clinical examination and by the detection of microfilariae in the blood by direct microscopic examination.

If the tumor is situated in the upper quadrant, it is likely that, for example a reduction procedure does not affect the lymphatic drainage.

Detection of circulating antigens and immune complexes in feline and human lymphatic filariasis.

Median survival for early-stage chronic lymphatic leukaemia and indolent follicular lymphomas is in the order of 10 years.

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Although the margins were negative, multiple lymphatic tumour emboli were noted close to lớn the anterior margin.

However, the adult worms are sedentary and once they are within the lymphatic system show no further migrations.

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