Sipeed Maix Bit For Risc

Note: Maix Go AI Development Kit RISC-V K210 IoT is discontinued now, we recommend Maix Bit AI Development Board RISC-V K210 IoT as a suitable replacement.

Maix GO development board adopts AI cpu K210 of RISC kernel. K210 comes with dual-core processor chip with independent FPU, 64 bits CPU bit width, 8 MB on-chip SRAM, 400 adjustable nominal frequency, and double-precision FPU supporting multiplication, division, và square root operation. Besides, there are on-board accelerometer MSA300, audio encoding chip, MEMS microphone, etc. As the name suggests, this is really a ready-to-go kit!

The sản phẩm features RISC frame, high performance, low price, AI, và MicroPython support. MaixPy firmware is micropython firmware, which makes it easy for everyone to lớn use AI algorithms và the operation of conventional microcontrollers; MaixPy firmware is compatible with most APIs of OpenMV! Buying the MAIX development board is equivalent to having an OpenMV development board that is three times the price of the MAIX development board! and the measured power nguồn of the ordinary algorithm is 2~3 times of the original STM32H7 version! The power nguồn of the AI algorithm is even more than 1000 times that of the STM32H7 version of openmv! That"s right, it"s 1000 times!


The Kit includes:Maix Go Development BoardAcrylic Case200 W px M12 Camera (4mm focal length HD Lens)500mAH Lithium battery2.8”OVGA LCD1W Small SpeakerType-C High-Quality USB CableWiFi Antenna

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Controller Chip: K210Chip Kernel: dual-core RISC-V 64bit IMAFDCMain Frequency: nominal 400M, can be overclocked khổng lồ 600MMemory: 6MB general purpose memory+2MB AI memoryFlash: 16MBMicroPython SupportCompatible with Most OpenMV AlgorithmsSupport Neural Network Algorithms: encapsulates the nnn class of mpyNeural Network Algorithms Speed: hundreds of GOPS (thousands of times STM32)Face Detection Speed: conventional algorithms 6 framesDebugging Support: UART & JTAG interface3-Axis Digital Accelerometer: I2C interface 14 bits resolution,

selectable range: ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, ±16g

RTC: on-board 32.768K crystal connected with STM32F103LCD Interface: Maix-LCD board (with resistive touch screen) is directly connected khổng lồ the GO GPIO Interface: all GPIOs connected to lớn header 2*20P 2.54mmDVP Camera Interface: 24P 0.5mm FPC connectorOn-board MEMS MicrophoneOn-board TF thẻ SlotMicrophone Array Connector Lithium Battery PortUSB Type-C PortAudio Encoding Chip+Dual-channel Audio AmplifierRGB LED200W Camera, M12 lens mount, mặc định with 4mm focal length HD lens 1W Small SpeakerThree-way Dial Button2.8” LCD with resistive touch screen, resolution 320*240
Dimension: 90x 61.5x9.5mm/3.54x2.42x0.37” (installed)Maix GO Size: 60x 88mm/2.36x3.46”Input Voltage: 4.8~5.2 VInput Current: >600mA Temperature Rise: Operating Temperature: -30~85 ºC Wireless Standard: 802.11 b/g/nFrequency Range: 2400Mhz~2483.5MhzTX Power: 802.11.b : +15dBm 802.11.g : +10dBm(54Mbps)

802.11.n : +10dBm (65Mbps)

Antenna Connector: IPEX 3.03.0mmWiFi Mode: Station/SoftAP/SoftAP+Station

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Product Data
Shipping list
Maix Go Development Board x1Acrylic Case x1200 W pixel M12 Camera (4mm focal length HD Lens) x1500mAH Lithium battery x12.8”OVGA LCD x11W Small Speaker x1Type-C High unique USB Cable x1WiFi Antenna x1
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