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PUBG Mobile version 1.3.0 is now available through the beta channel.The update brings a new Karakin maps, a new vehicle, and new weapons.The update is also likely to lớn bring a new season for PUBG Smartphone players.

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PUBG di động is getting a horde of new features including a new map in the lakiểm tra version 1.3.0. Before you get excited about what entails with the rollout of the new version, you should know that this is the beta version. This means that only testers get access lớn the new features while a stable version may arrive later. The highlighted changes with the PUBG di động version 1.3.0 are the new Karakin bản đồ, new weapons, a new vehicle, & a new Arena maps. Tencent has not released patch notes yet for this version.

The beta version 1.3.0 will enter the stable channel after the current Season 17 is over. The Runic nguồn Mode available with the version 1.2 will kết thúc on March 21. This means this new version will also kichồng off Season 18 for PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại players. For now, this news has less relevance for you if you are in India since PUBG thiết bị di động is not legally accessible here. But some players have sầu reported they are able lớn sideload the APK tệp tin of the PUBG điện thoại global version. But we advise against doing that.

Moving to lớn what is on offer in the new PUBG mobile version 1.3.0, you have sầu got the new Karakin maps. The sixth battle royale map after Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Livik, is located on the North African coasts & stretches two square kilometres. It is dry, has an open environment, and is filled with boulders. The Karakin maps supports only Classic Mode that can have a maximum of 64 players. There will be a Demolition Zone mechanic available on the bản đồ.

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The Demolition Zone will allow players lớn turn buildings in the Karakin bản đồ inlớn ashes so that players can have sầu fewer hideouts. The demolition of buildings happens in real-time, in the purple area of the Mini-map, which is why it is advised players return khổng lồ the safe zone to lớn avoid getting trampled inside demolished buildings. There is a new mechanic that allows bullets khổng lồ penetrate thin walls in the bản đồ, helping players damage enemies hiding behind these walls.

Aý muốn new weapons is a sticky bomb that can destroy a wall after sticking khổng lồ it by a throw. After buildings are blown up, players will have sầu new hideouts khổng lồ crouch behind lớn defkết thúc themselves from attacks. In fact, there are some “hidden spaces” that can be unlocked only after buildings are destroyed using the sticky bomb. There is a new firearm called Panzerfaust that shoots rockets, which explode on hitting a surface. This weapon can damage thin walls, penetrate objects within a six-metre range. This is a single-use weapon, which is why players cannot use it more than once during the gameplay. There is also a new Mosin Nagant Sniper rifle.

PUBG Mobile had added a new motor glider in the update that will spawn around Erangel and Miramar maps. It is a two-person vehicle with a driver’s seat and pillion who can use weapons from behind. To take off, this vehicle needs khổng lồ hit the top tốc độ but at the same time, the driver needs to lớn understvà that speed acceleration is directly proportional to lớn fuel consumption.

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Finally, the new version 1.3 for PUBG thiết bị di động brings a new Aremãng cầu bản đồ called Code-C. This bản đồ is small & has staggered passages that facilitate fast gameplay. This is meant for players who like to engage in an aggressive showdown, taking the help of assault rifles, sub-machine guns, và even xạ thủ rifles.

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