master bedroom with closet and bathroom

Tranquil Master Suite

Gardner/Fox Associates, IncGardner/Fox Associates, Inc

Gardner/Fox designed and updated this home's master and third-floor bath, as well as the master bedroom. The first step in this renovation was enlarging the master bathroom by 25 sq. ft., which allowed us đồ sộ expand the shower and incorporate a new double vanity. Updates đồ sộ the master bedroom include installing a space-saving sliding barn door and custom built-in storage (in place of the existing traditional closets. These space-saving built-ins are easily organized and connected by a window bench seat. In the third floor bath, we updated the room's finishes and removed a tub đồ sộ make room for a new shower and sauna.

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Parkwood Road Residence Master Bedroom

Parkwood Road Residence Master Bedroom

Martha O'Hara InteriorsMartha O'Hara Interiors

This tranquil master bedroom suite includes a small seating area, beautiful views and an interior hallway đồ sộ the master bathroom & closet. All furnishings in this space are available through Martha O'Hara Interiors. - 952.908.3150 Martha O'Hara Interiors, Interior Selections & Furnishings | Charles Cudd De Novo, Architecture | Troy Thies Photography | Shannon Gale, Photo Styling

North Scottsdale Custom

AFT ConstructionAFT Construction

Roehner + Ryan
Example of a mid-sized southwest master ceramic tile and brown floor bedroom design in Phoenix with beige walls

Hornstein Residence

Design PlatformDesign Platform

New master bedroom. Custom barn door đồ sộ close off office and master bathroom. Floating vanity in master bathroom by AvenueTwo:Design. All photography by:

Recent Work

EJ Interior Design, Inc.EJ Interior Design, Inc.

Eric Rorer
Example of a small transitional master light wood floor and brown floor bedroom design in San Francisco with gray walls and no fireplace

Berkeley Modernism

Michael Merrill Design Studio, IncMichael Merrill Design Studio, Inc

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ASID Design Excellence First Place Residential – Kitchen and Bathroom: Michael Merrill Design Studio was approached three years ago by the homeowner đồ sộ redesign her kitchen. Although she was dissatisfied with some aspects of her trang chủ, she still loved it dearly. As we discovered her passion for design, we began đồ sộ rework her entire home--room by room, top đồ sộ bottom.

23rd Street Residence

Dawson & ClintonDawson & Clinton

When asked by a client for a trang chủ that would stand up against the best of khách sạn suites, Dawson and Clinton created this Noe Valley residence. To fulfill the request, significant square footage was added đồ sộ the trang chủ, and an open floor plan was used đồ sộ maximize the space in the bedroom while replicating the feel of a luxury suite. The master bedroom is designed đồ sộ flow between the home’s terraces, connecting the space in a way that breaks down the relationship between exterior and interior In renovating the bathrooms, designers worked đồ sộ modernize the aesthetic, while finding space đồ sộ complement residence with improved amenities, such as a luxurious double shower. The use of glass was prevalent throughout, as a way đồ sộ bring light down into the lower levels, resulting in what is the home's most striking feature- the staircase.

Oasis Under the Eaves: Attic Master Suite

Oasis Under the Eaves: Attic Master Suite

Landis Architects | BuildersLandis Architects | Builders

Photo: Michael K. Wilkinson The space needed some detailing đồ sộ balance the large volume. The open plan also required a visual delineation of the different areas. Our designer added three beams across the ceiling over the bed đồ sộ define the master bedroom. The beams were finished with the same dark stain used đồ sộ refinish the attic’s original pine flooring. Dimmable recessed lights in the ceiling are placed in accordance with the beams location The bathroom was a challenge because it has privacy walls. Our designer opted đồ sộ use continuous clerestory glass panels that wrap around the corner of the bathroom enclosure. These custom glass pieces allow light đồ sộ flow from the dormers and skylight into the bathroom. There are two good-size closets for the owners in the eaves, and additional storage, as well as the HVAC system is also located in the eaves and access through two doors—one next đồ sộ the bed and one in the bathroom.

39 Summerlyn Drive

Garman Builders Inc.Garman Builders Inc.

The Master Suite in the Reilly model at 39 Summerlyn Drive, Ephrata in SummerlynGreen - our năm ngoái Parade of Homes entry! A space-saving sliding barn door separates the sleeping quarters from the master bathroom. Trim is painted a milky white - traditional for the farmhouses that inspired this design. Pale yellow curtains contrast with the muted xanh xao accent wall. Plush tan carpet matches the light tan walls. Photo Credit: Justin Tearney

One For All

Orion Design, Inc.Orion Design, Inc.

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The master bedroom is on the large side and this allowed for us đồ sộ borrow some space đồ sộ make a new closet (since we utilized the old closet space for the new bathroom). Photography by 8183 Studio

Apartment Renovation

Bromley Caldari Architects PCBromley Caldari Architects PC

Example of a mid-sized trendy master carpeted and gray floor bedroom design in Thủ đô New York with white walls and no fireplace

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