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One of the methods was to lớn inhibit inner speech by asking the subjects, for example, to lớn protrude their tongues while solving mental arithmetic tasks.

The mental arithmetic and isometric handgrip tests are clearly independent assessments of cardiovascular reactivity based on totally different regulatory mechanisms.

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For systolic blood pressure, genetic variance was only found in mental arithmetic testing.

He used such tasks as mental arithmetic and short-term memory for strings of numbers.

Your mental arithmetic is in overdrive as you calculate that the original purchase price of £12 million now looks more lượt thích just £158,000.

I believe that, if we banned calculators from the classroom, more kids would be able to lớn bởi mental arithmetic and over up more mathematical.

I shall not be drawn into any further mental arithmetic on this issue.

Of the 6,600 casualties, almost half—doing some quick mental arithmetic—are children under nine.

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At the outset let bu make it clear that we have sought to lớn bởi some mental arithmetic on how much the policy will cost.

We all knew that we were not very good at mental arithmetic, and it was a jolly but rather pointless occasion.

People with skills in mental arithmetic will be able to lớn multiply that figure by 200; the answer is 4 million.

I am not very good at mental arithmetic, but it looks to lớn bu lượt thích one inspector to lớn 22,500 people.

My mental arithmetic is pretty bad, but that is about £100 a complaint.

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For example, the use of pocket calculators make it unnecessary for children to lớn learn the basic elements of mental arithmetic.

For that, they really need the grounding in literacy, literature and mathematics, especially mental arithmetic, which is the beginning of all sound learning.

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