Moderner or more modern?

Guess papi is more modern than you thoughtOur offices are probably more modern than you"ve seen, but that"s the kind of company we are, forward-thinking.The improved quality of the purchased equipment or the significant increase in the production concerned may be questioned, although the beneficiary claimed that new equipment would be more modern than the one currently leased.Finally, with regard khổng lồ the nature of the new text, it is intended lớn be more modern than the previous one, with a simpler và more accessible definition for users of the current legal system.Today, the general attitude regarding this sort of behavior... Is naturally more modern, more scientific than it ever has been before.

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More powerful than our modern internal combustion engines.Europe is the continent in which there is no more modern & productive sector than that of textiles & clothing.More modern buildings are safer than older ones.There"s a bit more khổng lồ modern soldiering than just shooting people.Now, we are constantly being told, mostly by people who wear slacks, that classic cars are more fun than modern ones.And so one of the founding moments of public health in the 19th century effectively poisoned the water supply of London much more effectively than any modern day bioterrorist could have ever dreamed of doing.Now, we are constantly being told, mostly by people who wear slacks, that classic cars are more fun than modern ones. Now, we are constantly being told, mostly by people who wear slacks, that classic cars are more fun than modern ones.Sometimes I consider getting something more modern.My tastes are more modern ironically.Aeroplanes are no less modern than e-commerce.I dare khổng lồ say you"ve inspected more modern facilities in your travels...

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More modern designs... Sleek and smooth.It"s a much more modern-day example of blackface.Chueca is now a much cleaner, and more modern neighborhood.

Some examples from the web:

He lives và works at the khách sạn Moderne.No, I just moderned it up a bit.Inaugural concert and press conference at Koerner Hall. Starts in 15 minutes.Seems there are gymnastics at the Moderno Hotel.interfacing with environmental modellers khổng lồ undertake integrated environmental assessmentscollaboration with economic modellers lớn perform integrated environmental assessmentsField 1: Policy Analysts - Econometricians & Statistical Modellers- You"re not a modernizer?We always knew he"d be a moderniser.Dear governers, ministers, statesmen and astrologersMechanical speed governer switches for connecting electrical circuits, with:Might vì the modernisers a favour - a well-placed Cruise missile or two.A Christian burial for Don Pedro, Your Governer.The prospect of EU membership has already empowered modernisers and human rights defenders in Turkey to lớn push for the necessary changes.The most important ones, CAILLAUD, SARIA, FERSO-BIO và Équarrissage Moderne du Var, have thirteen installations processing raw waste from the PRS into animal meal.In the meantime, I have another mderer I need lớn talk to.And Oderzo Amilcare from the Caffe Moderno in Mantova.A week ago, you were the great modernizer, making speeches about the people"s princess.I infer that the Gaullist government poses as a reformer and modernizer, though it only normalizes the natural tendencies of capitalism.- Doesn"t get any "modester."


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