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Hello. I'm Quan and I share my crypto knowledge for newbies on this blog. Learn more about mạ here:

Buy Bitcoin with MoMo Not as hard as you think!

In fact, it's just lượt thích you buying Bitcoin by ngân hàng transfer.

Here I will guide 3 ways to lớn buy Bitcoin with MoMo simply in 5 minutes.

3 ways to lớn buy Bitcoin with MoMo

1. Buy Bitcoin with MoMo on Binance

NOTE: If you don't have a Binance tài khoản, you can see how I can guide you Sign up for Binance the newest 2022!

You can directly click on this liên kết. I have filtered by VND, bought BTC with MoMo already. You just need to lớn change the amount you want to lớn buy:

Or bởi the following: In the interface of the Binance exchange, hover your mouse over the [Transaction] select [P2P].

Chọn thanh toán P2P
Select P2P transaction

Then you item [Buy], select BTC (Bitcoin). If you want to lớn buy another coin, please choose.

Enter the amount of VND you want to lớn buy (minimum 150k). For example, I enter 200k. The purpose of entering the amount is to lớn filter out sellers within that range.

When done, press [Find].

How to lớn buy Bitcoin with MoMo on Binance

Wait for the results to lớn appear. You click the drop-down arrow next to lớn the box [Pay] and select MoMo to lớn filter out merchants who accept payment with MoMo.

Then you make Bitcoin trading as in the article that I guide above.


  • Binance is the world's leading exchange, sánh it's very reputable
  • Support many forms of payment including MoMo ví wallet
  • Many buyers and sellers should have high liquidity. You can buy and sell as much as you want
  • The transaction time is as fast as other forms of payment


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  • The interface is a bit complicated for someone who is buying Bitcoin for the first time
  • Must verify identity (KYC)
  • The minimum amount is higher than thở elsewhere (150k)

2. Buy Bitcoin with MoMo with Remitano

If you are new to lớn buying and selling Bitcoin for the first time, I recommend buying Bitcoin on Remitano exchange.

In the main interface of Remitano floor select [Buy now]. If the displayed coin is not Bitcoin, then click the [Choose another coin] then select BTC.

If you don't have an tài khoản, you can see how I can guide you Register for Remitano details 2022 please!

chợ bitcoin remitano
Select Buy Now on Remitano's homepage

Enter the desired amount that you want to lớn buy Bitcoin with MoMo.

Then scroll down to lớn find a seller who accepts payment by MoMo and click Buy.

làm sao để sở hữ bitcoin vày momo
How to lớn buy Bitcoin with MoMo on Remitano

How to lớn buy, I have also detailed instructions in the article above. I will not repeat here again!

Advantages of buying Bitcoin with MoMo on Remitano:

  • Simple interface, friendly for newbies
  • Can buy Bitcoin with only 10,000 VND
  • No identity verification required if you buy less than thở $100 per day. If you want to lớn buy more, buy more tomorrow


  • Fewer people accept payment with MoMo than thở on Binance exchange
  • Long transaction time. Sometimes even an hour

3. Buy Bitcoin with MoMo on Paxful

This is the way I bởi not recommend. Reluctantly, you only have to lớn buy Bitcoin on Paxful.

Although Paxful does not charge transaction fees, sometimes the price of BTC will be pushed much higher than thở the current market price.

Sometimes you take $100 to lớn buy Bitcoin, but the amount of BTC you get back may be less than thở $80.

You click on the following liên kết to lớn register Paxful Vietnamese interface:

How to lớn buy Bitcoin with MoMo on Paxful
  • Select Bitcoin in the [Buy]
  • Type MoMo in the box [Payment via]. If you don't see it, press the 3 dashes next to lớn it and look for MoMo
  • Select VND in the box [I want to lớn trade] and enter the amount you want to lớn buy. The minimum is 10 dollars (about more than thở 230k)
  • When done, press [Find Offers]
  • Select a seller and then press [Buy]

NOTE: You should see how much the seller's price is % above the current market price (the box I circled above). If it's too high, come back and buy it another time!

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So I just went through 3 ways to lớn buy Bitcoin with MoMo for newbies.

But in my opinion you should buy Bitcoin by ngân hàng transfer to lớn have more options.

Wish you success!