With amazing landscapes & vestiges of the Feudal time, Hue is always on the danh mục of must-visit cities in Vietnam giới. Once coming here, don"t miss the chance lớn enjoy its signature performing art called “Hue Royal Refined Music”.Quý khách hàng vẫn xem: Nhã nhạc cung đình huế giờ anh

What is Hue Royal Refined Music

Hue Royal Refined Music or Nha Nhac Cung Dinh Hue means “elegant music of the Hue royalty” in Vietnamese. In royal events, this performing art usually appeared at the opening & closing ceremonies. Its orchestra includes musicians wearing ao dai and turban who play traditional instruments lượt thích the erhu, flute, and 16-string zither, etc.

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Bachồng in the 19th century, this genre was considered the national music because it showed the royal dynasty’s influence in every aspect of life. Interestingly, despite the word “royal" in its name, this genre was prevalent aý muốn both aristocrats và commoners.



Instruments of Hue Royal Refined Music

History of Hue Royal Refined Music

For instance, Te Giao is for offering worship lớn Earth và Heaven while Dai Trieu Nhac is for special occasions or welcome ceremonies. In 2003, Hue Royal Refined Music was recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage. At present, it has been introduced to lớn the world & has a svào reputation for its uniqueness.

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Hue Royal Refined Music in the Nguyen Dynasty

Where khổng lồ Enjoy Hue Royal Refined Music

Duyet Thi Duong Theater

Built nearly 200 years ago under the Nguyen Dynasty, this is the first theater khổng lồ organize performances of Hue Royal Refined Music. It was also a venue for other performing arts like Vietnamese opera và dance. Nowadays, apart from being a theater, it offers an exhibition, a souvenir siêu thị, và royal cuisine. After seeing the performance, you can have a tour around the famous Imperial Citadel of Hue.

Address: The Imperial Citadel, Phu Hau, Hue City

Showtime: 10 AM - 10:40 AM; 3 PM - 3:40 PM

Ticket price: VND 200,000



This bilingual announcement will inform you about the showtime & ticket price

Perfume River

Address: Toa Kmê mẩn Boat Station, 49 Le Loi Street, Phu Hoi, Hue City

Showtime: from 7 PM or 8 PM

Ticket price: VND 100,000

Don"t forget lớn view the city’s nightlife from a different perspective

Conclusion on Hue Royal Refined Music

Distinctive và historic as it is, Hue Royal Refined Music is a size of art that you will not find anywhere else. In comparison with catchy và vibrant songs on music charts, Hue Royal Refined Music might seem outdated & unattractive. But once you sense the serene ambiance of Hue City, you will feel the music"s power even without understanding a single word.

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