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Alternatively, the next examples show how the presence of the theme of the nominalization indicates a verbal reading.

If none of the rules fires, it may be that the nominalization is part of a collocation.

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On the whole, however, these algorithms provide an effective means of nominalization disambiguation.

Other things being equal, we expect a verb lớn have a nominalization, just as we expect it lớn have a past participle.

Propositional nominalization was used for most complement clauses other kêu ca interrogative clauses (249).

As anticipated, the supine nominalization fares (slightly) better.

Also, the main stress tends lớn be retracted in the nominalization.

A nominalization that has only verbal senses does not need an obligatory-role slot.

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They have identified features such as color, phông size, scrolling, nominalization, graphics, and white space as contributing lớn the readability of online texts.

Yet, such a nominalization can be achieved using standard techniques.

In this respect we can think of ' nominalization ' as being a perfectly regular and productive process (though there are interesting twists in the story).

He explained that the nominalization suffix nominalizes the syntactic category of a verb, and the role of the verb is percolated into its parent node.

Moreover, establishing which sense is used does not provide a means for determining the thematic roles of the nominalization.

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This is unexpected under the current theory of nominalization.

Failure lớn interpret a nominalization often means missing the opportunity lớn acquire knowledge which could not be acquired in any other way.

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