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An ordinary share gives the right to lớn its owner to lớn share in the profits of the company (dividends) and to lớn vote at general meetings of the company.



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For simplicity a single indicator of interest rates representing the average rate offered by building societies on ordinary share accounts is used.

For that reason, we suggest that the relationship should be to lớn capital employed and not simply to lớn ordinary share capital.

One of the big arguments for the small savings chiến dịch is that the small person cannot afford the risk of an ordinary share.

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The ordinary share capital of a company does not by any means necessarily provide a real test of the value of its revenue producing assets.

A company and a subsidiary in which it holds at least 75 per cent. of the ordinary share capital may be treated as a group.

Further, it may benefit a company to lớn have raised loan capital in the past instead of ordinary share capital.

It sets that at a minimum of 10 per cent. of the ordinary share capital, which must be held by the trustees in one year.

I bởi not think that that applies to lớn ordinary share transactions for the investor or speculator.

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This accounts for the hundreds of millions of pounds which have been distributed in ordinary share dividends since 1950.

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