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It has outlived its historical time and outlasted its political purpose.

Though the liquidity effect is not entirely transient, the output effects of monetary shocks outlast the interest-rate effects.

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This new sườn, the charter with a general address, outlasted the writ-charter by centuries, though in the thirteenth century its use became increasingly limited.

Accumulating evidence shows that persistent changes in spinal astrocytes in different chronic pain conditions often outlast microglial changes.

Specifically, their work had found that prolongations were extreme in that responses could outlast the brief light flash by hundreds of milliseconds.

It is also conceivable that both "mastery" and "cost" processes are operating and that the former outlast the latter.

The whole enterprise outlasted three of its editors.

Having been applied for later, these additional patents outlast the primary patent.

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The production proved capable of outlasting the original star performer.

This benefit outlasts the short-term benefit on blood pressure reduction.

If guerrillas produce a measure of popular tư vấn, it may outlast the collapse of a safe zone.

Many injury-related pains outlast healing; others are not attributable to lớn injury, as in much headache, visceral pain, and neuropathic pain.

In what is best described as a game of attrition, ultimate victory goes to lớn the candidate who outlasts the rest of the field of candidates.

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Although the oil shocks of the 1970s certainly contributed to lớn these problems, the forces of change outlasted the temporary energy shortages.

If this "camaraderie" was often a product of war time, it could outlast it while building on an 18th-century construct of male friendship as a serious and productive bond.

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