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Press Release | Pet Alliance 2

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Recently released on July 4th , Pet Alliance 2, the sequent version of PetAlliance, is presented by the same studio. The game is published with huge improvements in graphic design và the additionof new social features.

Game Features

Thousands of Pets waiting khổng lồ be tamed

Pet Alliance 2 features a wider collection of Pets compared toits previous version, each exhibiting a different look and uniqueskill phối. Capture various pets khổng lồ fill your collection.

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Real-time combat to lớn quench your thirst for a goodfight

Unlượt thích the round-based combat system in Pet Alliance, PetAlliance 2 features a real-time fight. Players are able tochallenge each other whenever they want. The game also incorporatesa stamimãng cầu point mechanism, meaning there is stamina limit inaddition to lớn the round-based combat system. Players are encouragedto lớn use strategy when engaged in battles.

Visually stunning portraits of super adorable powerfulpets

Pets in Pet Alliance 2 are uniquely designed. They look adorablewhile fiercely powerful, especially when their special skill istriggered.

Social networking with friends via HomeSystem

In addition lớn the pet collection and brand-new combat mode, PetAlliance 2 also features a complete & extensive sầu social networkingsystem. Players are able to design their home page và create clans.They are also able to lớn join other clans for team raids.

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