Photo corner sticker

Photo lớn corners are used in papercrafting projects including scrapbooking, cardmaking and altered art to lớn adhere photos to lớn paper. They are triangular shaped pieces of paper in a variety of premade sizes, colors và designs a sticky adhesive on the baông chồng. Paper corners are useful when attaching a phokhổng lồ to lớn a project without damaging the picture. Images can also be easily traded out when using photo lớn corners. While functional, they also offer an additional kiến thiết element for a project. Phokhổng lồ corners are not limited lớn photos; they can be used to lớn adhere additional lightweight objects, from paper matting khổng lồ tags to lớn other flat embellishments.

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Types of Phokhổng lồ Corners

Self Adhesive: Sticky-backed and come ready to apply, with an adhesive sầu already on back. These can be actual, non-3 chiều stickers.

Decorative: come in different shapes or a pretty material.

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Handmade: You can make your own photo lớn corners, either from a punch or by cutting a triangle from your desired material, such as ribbon or paper.


How khổng lồ Choose the Right Photo lớn Corner

The main factor in deciding what kind to lớn use is khổng lồ consider the object you wish lớn adhere.Generally, items that weigh less will work better with pholớn corners as the items won"t later pull free because of their weight.Design is the other major factor. You can find or create a complimentary phokhổng lồ corner khổng lồ enhance or elevate any project.


How lớn Use Phokhổng lồ Corners

For a sticky-backed adhesive sầu, simply peel off the covering on baông chồng and press the phokhổng lồ corner inkhổng lồ place. The best way to bởi this is to slip corners over opposite ends of the photo lớn & stiông xã to your paper. If you choose lớn put pholớn corners on all 4 corners, slip on the remaining 2 & press.For handmade photo corners, bend the triangle around the corner of your phokhổng lồ or other object (or, in the case of ribbon, wrap the ribbon around the corner). These types will need an adhesive such as a tape runner to attach them.Punches are used directly on the pholớn (or other item) lớn replicate the look of a pholớn corner.


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