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Custom pool rules signs are the perfect way to lớn add your personality into the decor around your pool!

Customized to lớn say whatever you'd lượt thích - these handmade wood signs are available in a variety of colour combinations and two standard sizes.


  • Treated for 3-season Outdoor Use
  • 2 Sizes available
  • Multiple paint combinations to lớn choose from
  • Personalization included in the price


We use locally-sourced lumber for all of our products in an effort to lớn tư vấn other small business owners in the community.

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Shipping & Returns

We ship out all sign orders within 1.5-2.5 weeks of your order being placed unless otherwise specified.

Orders are all shipped using tracking for your convenience.

Furniture is delivered between the Durham Region and Bay of Quinte Region within 3-5 weeks of your order being placed unless otherwise specified.

Care Instructions

All of our wood home page decor is made using locally-sourced, natural lumber.

Wood expands and contracts in your home page depending on heat, humidity, and placement.

To keep your decor looking and functioning at its best, avoid hanging or storing it in areas where heat and humidity fluctuate often - over range hoods, beside bathtubs, etc.

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Wipe away dust with a damp cloth.

Giving Back

A portion of the proceeds from every sale in our cửa hàng are donated to lớn charities supporting local families, mental health, equal rights, and LGBTQ+ rights.

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