Presence Là Gì

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presence /"prezns/ danh từ sự bao gồm mặtin the presence of someone: trước phương diện ailớn be admitted khổng lồ someone"s presence: được chuyển vào gặp mặt phương diện ai, được đưa vào yết kiến aiyour presence is requested: khôn xiết ý muốn sự có mặt của anh vẻ, dáng vẻ, cỗ dạngkhổng lồ have sầu no presence: trông không tồn tại dángpresence of mind sự nhanh tríthe Presence địa điểm thiết triều; thời gian thiết triều


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Từ điển Collocation

presence noun

1 being present

ADJ. mere The mere presence of children in the room is enough lớn upmix hlặng. | constant, continued, continuing, permanent | strong The company now has a svào presence in Germany.

VERB + PRESENCE indicate, reveal, show These chemicals could indicate the presence of water on the planet. | acknowledge He acknowledged our presence with a nod of his head. | detect | grace sb with (ironic or humorous) How nice of you to lớn grace us with your presence!

PREP.. in sb"s ~ He should never have made those remarks in your presence.

PHRASES make your presence felt/known She certainly made her presence felt in the boardroom.

2 number of people

ADJ. constant | military, police There was a strong police presence throughout the demonstration.

VERB + PRESENCE maintain The army maintains a constant presence in the area.

3 force of personality

ADJ. charismatic, commanding, formidable, great, imposing, powerful, svào | stage He had a formidable stage presence.


Từ điển WordNet


the state of being present; current existence

he tested for the presence of radon

an invisible spiritual being felt to lớn be nearbythe impression that something is present

he felt the presence of an evil force

the act of being present

English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

presencessyn.: appearance attendance being existence occurrence
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