preset blade and soul dep

First off I don't know if I posted this on the right diễn đàn section XD, feel không tính phí to tướng move it to tướng where ever. 

Okay, so sánh I grabbed some popular, nice presets from Korean/ Chinese websites for anyone who is interested to tướng use. 

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I know someone already did a similar post regarding presets, but I wanted to tướng share Korean presets ><

Here's the guide on how to tướng download and use presets:

More presets can be found on these two websites

Korean website: 

Chinese website: 

Most of the pictures are photoshopped so sánh please be aware of that when downloading. They might not look exactly the same as the picture. 

Below are the pictures + the links to tướng preset ^^

Click on the links and tải về the image and save it in C:\Users\*username*\Pictures\BnS\CharacterCustomize


Lyn Preset 1


Yun Preset 1

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  • This is a preset from Chinese website 


Yun Preset 2


Yun Preset 3


Jin Preset 1


Jin Preset 2

  • Above preset is a "copy" so sánh if you're interested, kiểm tra the trang web below to tướng see the difference between original and the copy ^^
  • To translate a bit for those who can not read Korean, the picture above/ the picture on the left (on the website) is the original.


Gon Preset 1


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Gon Preset 2

If you want direct links to tướng where I found these presets, let u know^^ 

I hope this helps those who need or want presets from Korean websites!