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He is also concerned about the administrative and investment costs associated with private-sector delivery of financial services.

Chapter 5 analyses the power of generating, protecting and exploiting intellectual property rights, and reinforcing private-sector investments.

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Finally, private-sector "uses" must equal private-sector "sources" of funds.

Intuitively, higher transfers from the government enhance the internal financing capabilities of private-sector borrowers, and thereby facilitate the production of capital.

This has been reinforced by the growing level of private-sector new-build provision for older people, at least in the 1970s and 1980s.

To begin with, there are good general reasons, across ideological divides, why private-sector representatives would differ from other associational interests.

It can be classified into (1) internal versus external; (2) personal versus impersonal; and (3) governmental versus private-sector whistle-blowing.

In the current paper we assume that the effect of policy on the structural parameters of private-sector equations is fortuitously negligible for our experiment.

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Alternatively, the pension fund could conduct biddings among private-sector providers to tát allocate cohorts of annuitants.

Since then, a major overhaul of the water sector has been taking place, and much hope has been placed in private-sector participation.

This fact remains true even if the parameters of private-sector tastes and technology are unchanged.

Most of their employers ran small businesses in the private-sector and valued the employees' accumulated knowledge and skills; the 'workers ' enjoyed good relationships with them.

The most comprehensive coverage is achieved in the public sector and by large private-sector companies.

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Management-based regulation : using private-sector management to tát achieve public goals.

Ideally, alternative sources of funds would materialize to tát satisfy private-sector credit needs.

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