Prowritingaid review: is it worth it?

Can a grammar checking service lượt thích ProWritingAid help you become a better writer?

In this ProWritingAid review, I’ll explain in detail how this checker software and style editor can help you, how well it improves your writing & whether ProWritingAid is worth it.

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I’ll also explain how ProWritingAid differs from some of the other premium grammar checker software available today.

I’ve also got details at the end of the post about a không lấy phí book from their team that will help you become a better author. Và you can claim a discount on this grammar and spell checker.

Whether you’re an author, editor, copywriter, student or professional, this ProWritingAid nhận xét explains if this editing software can help.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Best Grammarly Alternative

ProWritingAid is a powerful, accurate grammar checker và style editor. It"s suitable for non-fiction and fiction writers và doesn"t require a monthly subscription.

ProWritingAid is a premium grammar checker & style editor for bloggers, novelists & business writers. This editing software helps users eliminate errors, optimize word choice & edit grammar và punctuation faster.

It aids in checking blog posts, articles books, an editor’s note, và any other content you can think of!

ProWritingAid editing software is available via website browsers on both Windows và Mac. It also supports Microsoft Word, Google Docs and, interestingly, the popular book writing phầm mềm Scrivener.

At the time of writing this review, the company didn’t offer dedicated apps for ios or Android.

Although anyone can use this tool for proofreading & grammar checking their content, it’s particularly suitable for fiction writers.

Amusingly, the ProWritingAid team notes on its site:

We’ve even been told that Stephen King uses ProWritingAid, but we haven’t been able to lớn confirm this. (If you happen to meet him at a party, please ask.) We vị know that he, lượt thích us, is not a fan of adverbs!

I will explain more about why fiction writers will find this grammar kiểm tra software or ProWritingAid (no pun intended) particularly useful later in this ProWritingAid review.

Who Is ProWritingAid For?

ProWritingAid is aimed at writers of all types, business people, and bloggers. It’s useful for anyone who spends a lot of time writing books, articles or reports.

Unlike other grammar checkers, it doesn’t require a monthly subscription. Instead, you buy the ứng dụng for a yearly fee. However, you still have to lớn pay extra for plagiarism checker reports.

The lack of a monthly fee makes ProWritingAid a good choice for those who are particularly budget-conscious or dislike monthly fees.

What Does ProWritingAid Do?

You can use ProWritingAid as both a grammar & spell checker. It will also help improve the readability of anything you write.

You can use ProWritingAid to kiểm tra for:

Incorrect spelling and grammarSticky & run-on sentencesPoor word choice including vague, abstract & duplicated wordsInconsistent tensesPoor readability

I tested the desktop & web app extensively for this ProWritingAid review. I’ll explain in more detail how ProWritingAid works toward the kết thúc of this review. However, here is the basic workflow:

Open the ProWritingAid desktop appUpload your document lớn ProWritingAid (supports Word, Scrivener, Markdown, text files & more)It scans your documentIt opens up an editing tool panel with text from your blog posts or other content that you uploaded for grammar checkingThe spell checker feature underlines spelling mistakes in redHover over any underlined word like the spelling và grammar mistakes in the editing tool lớn see a suggested fix

ProWritingAid features will help you kiểm tra a story or article for:

ClichésOverused wordsSentences that slow your reader down (sticky sentences)Vague và abstract wordsIncorrect tenseDuplicated words và phrasesSentence lengthOverall readability of your content

This online editing tool generates reports on all these different aspects of your text & gives suggestions on how lớn improve each area of your writing process.

What’s more?

This writing aid tool does more than just grammar check. It works as a writing mentor and evaluates your writing against the best writers in your genre.

These reports operate as part of ProWritingAid and appear at the top of the editing toolbar. The miễn phí version of ProWritingAid offers 22 reports which are sufficient for the everyday writer (25 in the paid version).

I’ve tested several other grammar và spell checkers, and they rarely provide this amount of information for writers.

You can buy ProWritingAid Premium Plus, which includes 50 checks per year
$0 per year (free version)$20 monthly$79 annually (that works out to lớn $6.60/month)$399 for lifetime access (inlcudes all future updates)

You can claim a 25% discount on these prices if you sign up here.

Unlike other grammar checkers, you don’t have khổng lồ pay a monthly subscription. It’s also more affordable than other premium grammar checkers which typically cost €20-30 per month.

The plagiarism checker costs extra. Ten checks cost $10 or $10 per month and 100 cost €40.

Alternatively, you can buy ProWritingAid Premium Plus, which includes 50 checks per year. That costs an extra $10 or €10.

ProWritingAid pricing in Europe

Is ProWritingAid Free?

There is a miễn phí version of ProWritingAid, though it is quite limited.

ProWritingAid không tính tiền ($0 per year):

Summary Report of Key Issues19 Writing ReportsEdit 500 words at a timeAvailable as an online editing tool only (no access khổng lồ the desktop version)

ProWritingAid Premium ($60 per year):

$0 per year (free version)$20 monthly$79 annually (that works out to lớn $6.60/month)$399 for lifetime access (inlcudes all future updates)

ProWriitngAid Premium Plus (includes 60 plagiarism checks per year)

$0 per year (free version)$24 monthly$89 annually (that works out to $6.60/month)$499 for lifetime access (inlcudes all future updates)

If you are interested in one of the premium packages, you can request a 14-day trial & decide if it’s right for you. You can also claim a 25% discount.

ProWritingAid Refund Policy

If you’re unsure about ProWritingAid, but still want to lớn try it, they offer a 14-day refund policy.

ProWritingAid Review: Video

How I Reviewed ProWritingAid

I write a lot of nonfiction articles for publications lượt thích Forbes.

My typical workflow for using a grammar checker on these articles involves:

Write the article in IA Writer or ScrivenerCopy và paste a draft from IA Writer or Scrivener into my editing tool of choiceScan it for errorsFix these directly in my source document that is in IA Writer or ScrivenerPublish or send khổng lồ an editor

While writing this ProWritingAid review, I changed my writing workflow and saved time.

I opened my source tệp tin in the desktop app and edited my documents directly using the pro writing aid editing tool, without any copying and pasting.

Writing nerd alert!

I write my articles in Markdown using IA Writer as the writing aid. This process simplifies adding basic HTML to đánh giá and articles like this one.

I was pleased to lớn see I could import Markdown documents like my blog posts into ProWritingAid.

However, it doesn’t convert a Markdown tệp tin to a publishable format or enable a live preview. It’s also not possible lớn create a library within ProWritingAid of your documents.

ProWritingAid Review: My Impressions

This grammar checker struck me as a tool ideal for fiction writers & novelists.


Well, premium grammar checkers lượt thích Grammarly và Ginger restrict the number of words you can scan at once. This means you can only kiểm tra an entire book on a chapter by chapter basis.

However, ProWritingAid allows you to open up documents of any size, like your book, and kiểm tra it all at once.

Similarly, its ability to check a piece of writing for clichés, readability, passive voice is a useful feature for writers who want khổng lồ create more readable stories.

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Please note, the desktop ứng dụng only works while connected to the internet. So if you like to write offline, you must reconnect while using this tool.

Grammar Checking a Book

I tested ProWritingAid in two different ways for my new book. Firstly, I uploaded a 45,000+ draft of my new book to ProWritingAid as a Microsoft Word document.

ProWritingAid found some errors in my book

If I wanted to vì chưng this with another tool, I’d have to lớn upload individual chapters into ProWritingAid.

After a few minutes, the app completed a scan and identified 261 mistakes lớn fix. It also provided a report with other suggestions. These even included issues of style.

You can use ProWritingAid to check for style issues

ProWritingAid also prompted me to lớn scan individual sections of my book rather than the entire manuscript.

Unfortunately, the various ProWritingAid reports slowed down with a manuscript of this size, compared lớn when I checked individual chapters or articles. I guess it takes a while lớn analyze longer pieces of writing.

Checking an entire manuscript at once wasn’t faster than checking chapters on an individual basis.

Secondly, I opened my new book’s Scrivener project with the desktop app. I enjoyed more success with this method.

It didn’t slow down & provided lots of useful suggestions for improving my manuscript.

I also liked that I could save changes directly back into my Scrivener project. I intend khổng lồ use ProWritingAid on any future Scrivener projects.

How to lớn Use ProWritingAid – In-depth

ProWritingAid is easy to lớn use. As proofreading tool and grammar checkers go, it’s pretty powerful too. Khổng lồ get the most from it, take out a premium subscription và use the desktop app.

(You can get a ProWriting discount by joining my e-mail list)

Now, you can use this writing tool in several different ways.

Getting Started

Download the desktop phầm mềm to your computer.If you haven’t already done so, enter your license code lớn activate the desktop app.Alternatively, log into ProWritingAid and mở cửa the website editor.Create or mở cửa a project file in ProWritingAid. Choose opening a project file if you want to kiểm tra a Scrivener, MS Word document or another tệp tin for grammar errors.If you picked “Create”, give your tệp tin a name and save it.Getting with started ProWritingAid – this is from the desktop app

Grammar Checking With ProWritingAid

The ProWritingAid premium version provides grammar và style checking score in real-time. Look for a score in the upper left corner of the editing screen that updates as you edit.

Why is this useful? You’ll know instantly if your edits are making your article better or worse!

Click the “Real-Time” button to check your tệp tin for common grammar errors, spelling mistakes and style issues and other mistakes.Review each issue. ProWritingAid will underline grammar errors in blue, spelling mistakes in red, and style issues in yellow.Click on an underlined word to see the suggestion. If it’s a custom word or character name, click địa chỉ cửa hàng to dictionary.If it’s a grammar issue, đánh giá the ProWritingAid suggestion và implement if you agree.For more context on a given suggestion, click the đứng top of the box & ProWritingAid will provide a basic grammar or style rule.Check each highlighted sentence in your document until you’re happy with it.Click save when done. ProWritingAid will publish the changes back lớn your MS Word tệp tin or Scrivener project.

How lớn Develop a Good Writing Style With ProWritingAid

Follow the steps above, except this time click on the Overused button in the đứng đầu menu of the desktop phầm mềm or website editor.

Use the All Repeats report khổng lồ find words you overuse and replace them with alternatives. This improves your writing style immensely.Use the clichés report to kiểm tra your dialogue & polish your sentences.Use the inbuilt dictionary và thesaurus to improve your word choice. The tool automatically analyzes your work lớn find the most appropriate word khổng lồ convey your precise meaning.Use spelling consistencies to check when you alternate between the US & UK English.Use the readability report to see how long it takes readers to finish your document and how hard it is to understand.Use the same button to find hard to understand paragraph and evaluate the Flesch score of your document. (The Flesch Reading Ease Score, the world’s most well-known readability kiểm tra for English.)

Sticky sentences report

The sticky sentences report also deserves special mention. It helps you see how many of your sentences contain glue words, that is words that take up space before a reader can get to lớn your idea e.g.


“We vì know that he, lượt thích us, is not a fan hâm mộ of adverbs!” Glue index: 61.5%



“Like us, he isn’t a fan hâm mộ of adverbs!” Glue index: 42.8% – Sentence length

As you can see, ProWritingAid contains lots of insights like these that you can use while editing your articles or book. It’s up to lớn you to lớn choose what you want lớn accept or ignore.

If you’re unsure, it offers a helpful guide to each type of report and the context behind identified errors.

How to check for Plagiarism With ProWritingAid

This ứng dụng also has a plagiarism checker, a feature that will appeal lớn students and nonfiction writers. However, you must buy credits to use this tool.

Select More and then click on the plagiarism report.ProWritingAid will use a credit, purchase one if you’ve none left.Review anything underlined in blue. ProWritingAid will highlight these as instances of inadvertent plagiarism. Fix, edit, cite or address.Review the link in this report as well, this represents instances where this text was used online.

For this ProWritingAid review, I purchased a ten pack and used it with the ProWritingAid desktop app. Then, I checked several book chapters. In case you’re worried, I didn’t plagiarise while working on my book!

However, some chapters in my book are based on articles I wrote for Forbes or published on Medium.

I often write articles and then refine my ideas later for a different audience, provided I have the editor‘s permission. I was curious khổng lồ see if ProWritingAid would recognise where which book chapters were based on Forbes articles.

I was pleased khổng lồ find it passed the test & it presented me with link to my Medium and Forbes articles.

This plagiarism checker will appeal to anyone who writes academic essays và also lớn those who want khổng lồ scan their content and check it’s not being misused elsewhere.

It could even help you find citations for non-fiction works if you’ve forgotten a liên kết or source.

That covers the basics of how to lớn use ProWritingAid. If you need more help, their support team is usually on hand to walk you through common issues. Now, let’s cover some of the ways ProWritingAid works with the tools và editing software you already use.

ProWritingAid Integrations with Online Writing Tools

ProWritingAid can be used with dedicated online tools for writing, including Google Docs, Scrivener and word processor.

Here’s how these integrations work:

How to Use ProWritingAid With Chrome and Google Docs

ProWritingAid offers a browser extension for Chrome.

Once installed, the ProWritingAid this plugin checks your writing on the go. Use it khổng lồ scan emails, social truyền thông posts and more for grammar errors.

You must install a separate add-in lớn scan Google documents. This presents summary reports about your writing. This add-on works best if you’re writing in Google docs. You won’t get access to lớn the full-editor, instead hover over spelling mistakes và other grammar issues.

ProWritingAid works great with Google docs

How to lớn Use ProWritingAid With Scrivener

Many indie authors use Scrivener to lớn write their novels. This may explain why ProWritingAid supports Scrivener projects, unlike other tools.

First, open up a Scrivener document in ProWritingAid. Then, it presents the thư mục structure of your file. Now, navigate to lớn each folder or file within your Scrivener document và fix errors on the go.

I haven’t come across this feature in other không tính phí or premium grammar checkers.

If you use Scrivener extensively, you’ll find it a real time-saver.

How to địa chỉ cửa hàng ProWritingAid khổng lồ Word

You can use ProWritingAid for Microsoft Word or Outlook by downloading add-ins. Unfortunately, I couldn’t kiểm tra this add-in properly as its Windows only.

However, I found a workaround while researching this ProWritingAid review. Khổng lồ use it for Word, simply mở cửa a Word document with ProWritingAid. It scans your document for errors và grammar mistakes.

You can fix these directly in the app and save your changes to lớn the Word document.

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