What is Realtek card reader? This post gives an answer. Besides, it also gives a guide for how to lớn download, uninstall, reinstall, update Realtek thẻ reader driver for Windows 10 (32bit or 64bit). For Windows users, onfire-bg.com software offers you không tính tiền data recovery tool, disk partition manager, OS backup & restore program, video editor, video clip converter, and more.

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What Is Realtek Card Reader?


Realtek is a chipmix manufacturer that manufactures và sells various microchips globally. It mainly produces communications network ICs, computer peripheral ICs, and multitruyền thông media ICs.

Realtek audio devices lượt thích Realtek Audio Driver và Realtek Audio Manager are generally found integrated in computer motherboards.

A Realtek thẻ reader is a card reader for reading truyền thông cards like memory cards in digital cameras on your Windows computer. You can use plug in the Realtek USB thẻ reader inkhổng lồ the USB port on your computer và transfer files between computer and media card.

Realtek thẻ reader driver for Windows 10 is used by Realtek card reader lớn communicate with your computer. Generally you can update Realtek card reader driver khổng lồ the lachạy thử version to fix bugs, & get USB 2.0 transfer speed to lớn speed up data transfer speed.

How to lớn Download Realtek Card Reader Driver for Windows 10?

If your computer doesn’t come with Realtek thẻ reader driver, you can go to Realtek Card Reader Controllers Software page lớn tải về & install thẻ reader driver for Windows 10/8/8.1/7.

After you install Realtek thẻ reader driver on your Windows 10 computer, the Realtek thẻ reader can communicate with your computer & transfer files between PC and media card.

How lớn Update, Uninstall, Reinstall Realtek Card Reader Driver?

You can press Windows + X & select Device Manager khổng lồ open Device Manager on Windows 10.Exp& Mice and other pointing devices category.Right-cliông chồng Realtek PCIE card reader and click Update driver. Follow the instructions lớn update Realtek card reader driver for Windows 10.Alternatively, you can also choose Uninstall device, và uninstall Realtek thẻ reader driver. Later you can go khổng lồ Realtek Card Controllers Software page lớn reinstall Realtek card reader driver.

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You can also go khổng lồ your computer manufacturer official website khổng lồ tải về the Realtek PCIE memory card reader driver for your Dell, Lenovo or other brands computer.

Fix Realtek (PCIE) Card Reader Not Working

If the Realtek USB card reader has problems, you can follow the guide above sầu khổng lồ update or reinstall Realtek card reader driver on Windows 10.

Or you can try some other solutions khổng lồ fix USB device not recognized, & troubleshoot SD thẻ not showing up issues on Windows 10.


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Bottom Line

What is Realtek card reader? How to lớn tải về và update, uninstall và reinstall Realtek (PCIE) thẻ reader driver on Windows 10? Hope this post gives an answer.



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