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A remote control computer for crane control becomes a client, and a protocol converter becomes a server.

For the remote control of the robot, the right panel of the application can be used.

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The participants answered each question through remote control, and the results were shown immediately.

This mining method is totally reliant on effective remote control.

Electrical signals from the brain can be transmitted to tướng a computer and a remote control device.

The operation of the actuators by an electric current gives the system the possibility of remote control.

In the trial, the computer will activate devices such as kettles, light switches and telephones by remote control.

However, it still keeps the human operator in the control loop through its remote control system.

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In the design and operation of a remote control network, it is very important which protocol to tướng select.

Unlike the medieval master mason directly engaged with the materiality of building, modernday architects exercise a remote control over building dealing primarily with drawings, models and texts.

With implantable devices, messages and information could be transmitted to tướng the brain, actions could be initiated by remote control, and information could be transmitted both to tướng and from the brain.

If dualism is true, the person's relation to tướng his toàn thân is similar to tướng the relationship between the operator of a remote control device and the controlled device.

In 1970, my constituent had invented a technique for mowing the lawn at his own house by remote control.

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What we are up against is remote control, and not simply the question of self-government.

I understand that experiments are taking place on the remote control of some face operations from underground locations.

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