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I hope vĩ đại make an announcement soon about a further renewables order under the non-fossil fuel obligation.

I have great doubts about whether we can bring renewables on board fast enough vĩ đại replace the declining fossil fuel-burning industries.

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If renewables and nuclear energy proceed sensibly, they will develop and there will not be a gap.

The liên kết that must be made between renewables and manufacturing is exciting and challenging.

There are few things that one can tell nuclear engineers about how vĩ đại generate electricity, but the interchange between nuclear and renewables is almost nil.

Clearly, that would present equal problems of which those of us who tư vấn renewables must be aware.

We can meet them with a combination of renewables and low-carbon technology.

By increasing the use of renewables, we can, first, reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions and help vĩ đại lessen the effect of climate change.

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We are supporting offshore wind farms through the new renewables obligation and through capital grants worth up vĩ đại £49 million.

Other than thở renewables, coal is the only indigenous fuel source of which we have long-term reserves.

The figure on renewables is lower than thở that for overall price reduction.

Lower population densities and higher per unit costs mean that renewables are much more competitive versus conventional power sources.

We need a dramatic increase in research into and development of renewables, especially of wave power.

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If we bring in the renewables, towards the kết thúc of the century.

Many of the other renewables can have drastic consequences as well.

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