scp 789

Item #: SCP-789

Object Class: Euclid

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Special Containment Procedures: All physical telephone and mạng internet connections have been removed from SCP-789. The property is to lớn be examined weekly for the appearance of new connections. If any are found, they must be severed immediately.

WiFi damping equipment is to lớn be kept active on the property at all times. In addition, a security network over the surrounding three kilometres is to lớn be monitored for the arrival of potential civilian prey items. Class-B amnestics are to lớn be applied and individuals are to lớn be returned to lớn their homes.

Once monthly, one Class-D with a history of child abuse is to lớn be released into the structure housing SCP-789. D-Class previously scheduled tested with SCP-204, SCP-2672, and SCP-3530 have been used historically for this purpose.

Non-Class-D personnel working with SCP-789 are to lớn be subjected to lớn psychological screening. Unfit personnel are to lớn be reassigned.

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Description: SCP-789 is an entity which resides within a well-kept, if apparently abandoned three-bedroom two-story house located in the outskirts of [REDACTED], North Dakota. Foundation databases contain no records of unrelated abnormal events in the area's history. No anomalous materials have been located in the house’s construction.

When the house is connected to lớn an mạng internet connection, SCP-789 will manifest first as a working desktop computer with webcam, controlled by a pubescent child. The entity will spend several hours a day utilizing mạng internet chat programs, contacting and interacting with adult civilians within the continental United States. SCP-789 appears to lớn target paedophiles, fabricating complex, yet believable stories and utilizing video clip chat programs to lớn lure and gain its contacts’ trust. SCP-789 seems to lớn be able to lớn keep track of detailed information for several dozen contacts at once, and has not yet been recorded using the incorrect size while interacting with a familiar tương tác.

Over the course of several weeks, SCP-789 will attempt to lớn convince select contacts to lớn come visit. Upon arrival, prey individuals are invited into the house by the humanoid component of SCP-789. Usually, the prey item is led into the kitchen or bedroom; the entity appears to lớn manifest basic furnishings for the rooms used in a given hunt. Once the prey item is made comfortable and sufficiently distracted by the humanoid component of SCP-789, non-humanoid components [REDACTED] crushed into a fine slurry. SCP-789 will “soak” the slurry into itself, then vanish.

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Upkeep of the property is apparently performed by SCP-789 as well. The entity will manifest as one of two middle-aged adult humans, henceforth SCP-789-B. These two forms appear to lớn serve as decoy parental property owners, and will entertain guests if required to lớn. Interaction with these manifestations has revealed no information as to lớn the nature of SCP-789; all conversation regarding behaviour described above is met with polite silence. Upon assault, SCP-789-B will vanish and not appear again before the assailant. The appearance of these particular manifestations never change between encounters.

The nature, intelligence level, and origin of SCP-789 are unknown at this time. As SCP-789 has an obvious capability to lớn understand and utilize the English language, research regarding possible sapience is pending. However, it is not suspected at this time that SCP-789 is, or ever has been, human in nature.

Addendum-789-1cv: It has been discovered that the forms SCP-789 utilizes while seeking prey items correspond to lớn those of children of the appropriate ages that it has encountered online. For this reason, testing has been suspended until a more easily controlled method is devised.