Seminar là gì

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a meeting of a group of people with a teacher or expert for training, discussion, or study on a particular subject:
This session provided valuable feedbachồng for each group that inevitably helped with preparation for the assessed seminars.
It echoes still today, not only in disputations, but also & especially in academic seminars, supposedly.
All have centres that organize seminars, film screenings, lectures, & international exchanges with fellow artists và intellectuals.
These seminars are open khổng lồ all members of the institution, professional staff, administrative staff, & voluntary workers.
Every two years its programme of jury-selected performances và seminars is held in a different thành phố.
A curriculum pearl should explain và justify the development of an entire computing curriculum or a course (seminar, workshop).
Each chapter can pretty much st& on its own and would be easily extracted for topical reading in a graduate seminar.

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In particular, it examines how these students author their identities as literacy teachers within the context of a mediated seminar setting.
We also found that a considerable number of the participating patients had indicated that they would like to be invited to the seminars.
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