sentiment là gì

With public sentiment improving, a committee was formed.

Sometimes, the structure of sentiments and topics is fairly complex.

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Public sentiment for this play is at first strong, but it fails by opening night.

The problem is that most sentiment analysis algorithms use simple terms to tát express sentiment about a product or service.

The moral police often accuse their targets of offending religious sentiments.

Sentimentalism in philosophy is a view in meta-ethics according to tát which morality is somehow grounded in moral sentiments or emotions.

His duel with his disease also became a reason for laughter rather than thở self-pity and sentimentalism.

They would also be less inclined to tát base their policies on sentimentalism.

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It celebrates the emotional and intellectual concepts of sentiment, sentimentalism, and sensibility.

Suggested synonyms for the word include not only sentimentalism, but mawkishness, maudlinism, melodramatics, mushiness -- a host of "m" words to tát make the whole idea quite unappealing.

In the tiệc nhỏ she is the most street-wise, sentimental, and tolerant to tát alcohol.

She could interpret passionate love between two men as a sentimental excess, and therefore understandable.

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He also said it was warm, generous, sentimental and expert entertainment.

My wife's health is much more important than thở sentimental reasons.

Awards, if offered at all, are typically low-cost and provide more sentimental than thở monetary value.