serpent calling bell blade and soul

Quest items
Serpent Calling Bell
Icon for Serpent Calling Bell. Quest Item
An ominous bell. Bring this to tát Old Man Cho to tát learn a new Windwalk skill.
Sell Price   1 Copper

Acquisition[ | ]

This item can be ordered by members of the Soul Wardens crafting order for the cost of 10Silver and takes 45 minutes to tát complete, producing two of them. Also can be adquired from the marketplace sold by other players. You can also order 5 for 20Silver. The merchant in Cresent Spring now sells the item for 50 copper.

Also dropped at a low rate from Southpyre Border scouts in The Cinderlands, Tomun Range. Drops from Tomb of Exiles as well.

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This item can now be purchased from the NPC vendor Bai Sun in Crescent Spring for 50Copper.

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Ingredients[ | ]

The materials needed to tát make two of them are:

Use[ | ]

Handing this to tát Old Man Cho will trigger a quest that rewards you with the Surge Windwalk skill.