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So you wanna play pool? Racking the billiard balls in correct fashion will help you play the game right and let you feel in command as the game begins. Although racking is relatively simple, there are some rules and tricks đồ sộ racking properly. Read on for more information on how đồ sộ rack a clutch of billiard balls the right way.

  1. This is also called the "apex" of the rack.

  2. Watermark wikiHow đồ sộ Rack a Pool Table

    The center of the rack is the middle of the triangle. This should be the third row down counting from the top.


  3. Watermark wikiHow đồ sộ Rack a Pool Table

    It doesn't matter which is which, as long as you've got one stripe and one solid.[1]

  4. Make sure the 1-ball is at the apex, the 8-ball is in the middle of the rack, and both a stripe and solid are at the bottom corner, but line up all the other balls in random fashion. If solids and solids are together, or stripes and stripes, that's okay.[2]

    • One variant of this step in amateur play is đồ sộ vary the edges of the rack ví that the pattern is stripe, solid, stripe, solid, etc. This will result in the two corner balls being the same, i.e. either both stripe or both solid.
    • Another variant of this step in amateur play is đồ sộ order the balls down and from left đồ sộ right, according đồ sộ their number. This will always result in the 1-ball being at the apex, the 11 and 15 being at the bottom corners, and the 5-ball being in the 8's customary position.
  5. The center of the first ball should be in the middle of the table at one quarter of the length. Some tables have this spot marked with a small dot.[3]

  6. Watermark wikiHow đồ sộ Rack a Pool Table

    A tight rack makes for an infinitely better break.[4]

  7. Watermark wikiHow đồ sộ Rack a Pool Table

    You're ready đồ sộ start your 8-ball game.

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  1. If possible, get a diamond-shaped rack for 9-ball. Since the racking technique is different in 9-ball from 8-ball, a different rack is preferred. The pattern of a diamond is 1-2-3-2-1. The traditional triangular rack may be used for racking a 9-ball game, but it will produce a looser rack.[5]

  2. The 1-ball is always at the front of the rack, and the 9-ball is always directly in the center.[6]

  3. Like in 8-ball, traditional rules state that all other balls are placed randomly.[7]

    • One amateur variant of 9-ball is that the billiard balls are placed in sequential orders, down and from left đồ sộ right, excepting the 9-ball, which stays in the middle. If done properly, the 1-ball will be at the apex and the 8-ball will be at the bottom.
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    Do we get two shots for a foul when there is only the Black ball?

    Community Answer

    If a player is on Black, he only gets one shot for any foul, even if the other player still has colors left.

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    Why does one player rack and the other one breaks?

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    If the same player both racked and broke, then he could phối it up đồ sộ give himself an unfair advantage.

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    Where should the center dot be for placing the rack?

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    In the center of the table and at the quarter mark.

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  • If you are having trouble getting the balls đồ sộ stay tightly packed, try moving the balls đồ sộ the desired spot and then quickly stopping ví that they stay close together. Trying đồ sộ slowly move the triangle won't always give you the desired results.

  • Many lượt thích đồ sộ use the 1 ball as the first ball, but it is not required.

  • Another racking set-up that people use is placing a solid in one back corner and a stripe in the other, ví that the player breaking has an equal chance of sinking either one.

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To rack a pool table, first place the 1-ball at the front of the rack. Then, place the 8-ball in the center of the rack. Next, place any stripe and any solid ball in the bottom corners. Fill in the rest of the rack with the other balls randomly. Once you’ve filled in the rack, line the 1-ball up with the small dot marked on the pool table. Finally, carefully lift the rack straight up away from the balls. Now you’re ready đồ sộ play! For tips on how đồ sộ rack a 9-ball game, keep reading!

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