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“I was an orphan. Soon after I was born, my parents were killed by strange-looking creatures that walked upright on two legs.

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After that, all I had was my herd. We migrated from place lớn place, but the herd gradually thinned out as we lost more và more of our companions at the hands of those creatures, until one day I was the only one left. I was alone & afraid. But every time I came lớn drink by the stream, I would look at my reflection và tell myself that I must become stronger.

Ichitaro, there’s a deer here all by itself! Same rules; Santaro, you trip it, then I’ll stab it.”

Shikigamày Attributes


Shikigamày Abilities



When an enemy is slain within 1000 yards of Shishio, his Ability Damage is enhanced, up to lớn a max of a 20%, 5% for each non-shikigamày unit slain and 20% for each enemy shikigami slain. The enhancement slowly decreases over time.
1st AbilityDescription

Shishio dashes forwards & gains a 60% Movement Speed bonus that gradually reduces over 3 seconds. Enemies hit during this duration will receive sầu 90 (+110% Bonus AD) physical damage & a 55% Slow Effect for 2.5 seconds.

2nd AbilityDescription

Shishio launches a barrage of 15 random explosions over 4.5 seconds within a certain range, each explosion deals 8(+8% Bonus AD) (+1% Target Max HP) physical damage to enemies they hit. This skill has a damage limit lớn minions & monsters.

3rd AbilityDescription

Shishio creates a shield that can absorb đôi mươi (+7% Max HP) damage & lasts for 3 seconds. The shield explodes when it disappears, dealing đôi mươi (+6% Target Max HP) physical damage lớn surrounding enemies. (500 max damage khổng lồ minions và monsters).

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Shishio charges in the designated direction, dealing 200(+130% Bonus AD) physical damage khổng lồ enemies hit và knocks them up to the sides.

Shikigami Ability & Strategy Recommendations

Shishio should focus on leveling up his Fury of the Forest (2nd Ability) first. Then, Antler Gore (1st Ability) second.

Use Fury of the Forest (2nd Ability) to lớn wear down your opponent then use Antler Gore (1st Ability) to lớn escape or pursue the enemy together with the shield provided by Circle of Life (3rd Ability) to giảm giá khuyến mãi physical damage lớn surrounding enemies when the shield expires. Deer Stampede (Ultimate) can be used to lớn knoông chồng up enemies in your path, which is helpful when entering a team fight as it can break the enemy team’s formation.

Shikigami Spell Recommendations

Shishio should use Flash và Heal as his spells during battle

Shikigami Okamày (Item) Recommendations

Shishio’s Okangươi (Items) can be built through:

Survive: Mikazuki-Hagakure Boots-Hoko Do-Ninth Heaven Wing-Sessho-seki Do-Detháng Mask.

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DPS, Survive: Vaisravana Drum-Hagakure Boots-Sessho-seki Do-Ninth Heaven Wing-Hoko Do-Lavish Red Robe.Jungler: Fire King Lance-Takemikazuchi Boots-Mikazuki-Hoko Do-Ninth Heaven Wing-Lucky Parasol.Source: Omnyoji Website

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